Samp and Gem Squash Risotto

“This Risotto features Samp as the hero ingredient – replacing risotto rice with an African staple that has a lovely al dente crunch and creaminess. I’ve also added in one of my favourite vegetables – gem squash, for a delicious gentle nuttiness. It’s perfect for our chilly African winter at this time of year, but just as…
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Africa’s Top 5 Bucket-list Experiences

If travelling to Africa isn’t on your bucket list yet, we’re here to tell you why it should most definitely be. We have compiled a list of the top five African experiences that we think definitely deserve a place on your bucket list. We even have great links to spectacular, first-class places for you to…
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Ivory Lodge Lions Sands Lion Kruger Park Safari

Iconic Africa Bush Diaries Episode #15 by James Hendry

Presenting Iconic Africa Bush Diary Episode #15 “Warm winter arrives,” filmed by James Hendry of Safarilive. Watch as as the hippos wallow, the warthogs dart through the savannah, the kudus congregate, the elephants rumble, the leopards laze in the sun and the lion  strolls through the long grass. Just in case you missed last month’s…
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Safari Pricing Explained

We are often asked how much safaris cost. This is because it is extremely hard to find prices for safaris online, and because there is an incredibly vast range of safari tours available—each type of safari tour obviously has its own associated costs, depending on the travel agent that you use. Iconic Africa showcases the…
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