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Just in case you are missing the land where sunsets turn the sky pink, where impalas roam free, where hyenas call at night and where G and T’s taste their finest. Let us bring Africa to you.

Breath-taking wildlife photographs, exciting video footage, Africa’s most beautiful destinations and exciting adventures captured right here… in this Month on Instagram. #Africa #bigfive #luxury #safari


Ode to Julia

Recent traveller, Phillip Vecchio has just returned home after an incredible African safari. In fact, in honour of the trip and how much he loved it, he wrote this “Ode to Julia” our Director who organised the trip for them.

Thank you Phillip for this incredible tribute and for taking the time to share your #iconicmoments with us… in both words and pictures. This is why we do what we do, it’s our purpose – to bring people to Africa and awaken their souls!

Ode to Julia – by Phillip Vecchio

We dreamed of Africa, so hatched a date

But work is too busy, and life is a state

Who to help but a knowing hard tryer

Our ultimate investment in Julia Fryer

The brief was easy, so saturate the best

Budget and planning then put to the test

She knows her stuff and reads me well

Smoothly convincing, no need to hard sell

Julia is practiced but plans with her heart

Beautifully filling our African cart

We Caped, safaried and Victoria Falled

Mesmerised by animals, appearing as called

You mean what you say and say what you know

I will always admire your get up and go

Your ultimate aim is to serve and to please

Not to mention the sparring and a good client tease

Emotional goodbyes but memories for life

Saturated happiness for girl, man and wife

Leaving, believing, so special a place

Smiles and tears embellishing your face

Memories made, and colours so bold

Of sunsets and scenery, and stories untold

As avalanching memories souvenir your soul

Thank you to Julia for her sensational role


If ever you travel to continent Afrique

Looking for quality and a journey unique

Unpassable Julia, undoubtedly Iconic

Our toast to you is the best gin and tonic.

Em’s Magical Madikwe Safari

Iconic Africa Traveller Emily Gardiner has just returned home after an unforgettable time at Madikwe Safari Lodge. A trip that was full of #iconicmoments! Emily was kind enough to chat to us about her trip and share some of her incredible photographs as well as a lovely video with us too. Here’s what she had to say:

What did you think of Madikwe as a safari destination?

Highly recommended it! Madikwe has and is everything a safari should be, plus it’s a Malaria free reserve. I really don’t know what more another lodge could offer. (And this is coming from a very fussy and perfectionist type person…me!)

What was your most unforgettable moment?

Every day at Madikwe Lodge & the Reserve was unforgettable!

What did you think of your accommodation?

Breathtakingly beautiful, a true bush experience… You really feel like you are in a past time in Africa but with all the nessesities of modern living. Staff were really friendly and helpful too. 5star in every way!

If you could describe your trip in one word what would it be?


What was your favourite African animal?

Leopard (but I have no favourite, I loved the cheetahs, giraffes, wild dogs, elephants and lions too! I love them all!

What did you think of the game drives?

The game viewing was excellent and exciting with huge variety of healthy happy animals. If you want to see the Big 5 quickly this is the place!! The standard of the guides is exceptional.

I highly recommend Gerhard our guide, he understands and communicates with the bush and the wildlife on a level that we felt like we were part of a National Geographic documentary. He was awesome!

Did you enjoy the food?

Loved the food and the barbecue setting is magical. The Chef deserves Michelin stars!

Where in Africa would you like to go next?

I’d like to do an other safari but not sure where yet. Perhaps try a lodge in the Kruger next, but I heard that the animals look malnourished there at the moment because of the long drought they had… Madikwe will be hard to beat, so I am still looking. (It took me months to find Madikwe and I researched and looked at a lot of lodges!)

Thank you so much Em for sharing your African adventure with us… we are so glad you had such a great time and look forward to having you back here soon!