Singita Pamushana Lodge – Re-opening

Introducing the New Singita Pamushana Lodge – Re-opening Mid May 2018

Singita Pamushana is one of Zimbabwe’s best kept secrets found atop a hill overlooking the vast Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve. Resting beneath towering tree canopies, the lodge is integrated into the natural environment and the forest-like architecture allows for unrestricted views of the pool, the lush gardens and the lake below. The Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve is home to an abundance of birds and wildlife such as the black rhino and sable antelope. Also visible from the lodge is the cathedral Mopane forests and world-famous ‘upside-down’ Baobab trees. Singita Pamushana Lodge is currently closed while it undergoes a face-lift, but will be re-opening mid-May 2018 so that you may once again be privilege to these beautiful sights and sceneries.

Singita Pamushana’s transformation will offer guests the opportunity to not only take in the landscapes, but relax in ultra-luxurious traditional spaces that are both reminiscent of the Great Zimbabwe Ruins while signalling modern optimism with its style, interiors and architecture.

The refurbished Singita Pamushana is reflective of an African Palace. The majestic architecture has always been a signature of the lodge and will be further amplified with the main lodge decks and living spaces being extended to maximise the connection to the natural beauty of the surrounding area in the Malilangwe Reserve.

New interiors of the lodge will reflect original references to the local Shangaan culture and will be mixed with contemporary forms and styles inspired by these African patterns and shapes. Smart and refined details will set the tone against massive proportions and colour blocked palettes of ochre tan, ebony black, ivory white, gold and brass metals.

This small and intimate lodge will extend its accommodation with two additional, 2-bedroom suites. Singita Pamushana will now accommodate a total of 8 suits and 1 5-bedroomed villa.

The brand new suites will be more remote, offering privacy and exclusivity. Situated a distance from the main lodge, these two suites are perfectly suited for couple getaways and family vacations as it is charged on a per unit rate. The master bedrooms boast an outdoor shower, allowing guests’ unlimited freedom to be in and one with nature. Relax in your private plunge pool, or in front of the double-sided fireplace. No palatial accommodation is complete without royal amenities – set out on to the game viewing deck with the lodge’s Swarovski spotting scope.

Take a stroll back to the main lodge area for an evening meal in the open dining room, or visit Singita Pamushana’s library for an interesting read. There is no place here that won’t have you relaxing – whether it is the bar, open-air lounge, the wine cellar or one of the heated swimming pools, you’ll always be overlooking the Malilangwe dam and sandstone hills.

Property of the Month – Mara Plains

“Maisha Mairefu,” Swahili for “here’s to a long life,’ says Sentewo, Mara Plains Guide. “Your day is done; relax and close your eyes while the Masai Mara beckons you to return again at first light”.

Imagine a camp located in the epicentre of some of Africa’s greatest predator country… Welcome to Mara Plains Camp, this month’s property of the month.

Located on the northern border of the Masai Mara Game Reserve, the enchanting camp is positioned on a bend of the Ntiakitiak River in a secluded private conservancy.

Enter a mythical world via a wooden footbridge over a river, accentuating the seclusion and intimacy of this elegant property. The tents – tucked away amongst lush vegetation – reference Arica’s rich heritage with chunky wooden doors from the Swahili enclave; deep red and purple shades that honour the spirit of the Maasai; and rich leather, copper and brass embellishments taking you back to the colonial explorers. It is one of the smallest and most personal camps in the Mara region – and just one of three operating within the Conservancy. This region has the lowest vehicle density and accommodates one guest room per 700 acres.

Your very own piece of the Masai Mara

In amongst whistling thorns, white thorns, fever trees and wild olives the great plains of Kenya are home to many of Africa’s most majestic animals. The red grass savannahs, interminable vistas and distinct horizons combine to ensure the epitome of a breathtaking African panorama. The density and variety of wildlife is astounding and the area boasts much of the unique Kenyan plains game such as the graceful Thompsons, Grant’s gazelle and the colourful Topis, it’s a predator’s paradise. Everything in absolute abundance.

Luxuriously indulgent colonial suites

“The rooms are what set Mara Plains apart, they are more spacious and more magnificent than any other camp I’ve ever been to.” says Jess, Camp Manager. Tucked into the river bend, in amongst hippo, monkeys and a plethora of birds sit the seven elegant suites. Each one is more like a home than a suite and is exquisitely designed to give you complete privacy, an unbeatable view, and your very own paradise of African bushveld. The wooden floors, neutral palette, draped canvas and natural fabrics are discreet allowing the beauty of the outside world to envelop you, even once inside. The gentle breeze wafts through the sides, the sounds of Africa entertain you and your nostrils are filled with the freshness of the lush riverine woodland and endless savannahs. Elaborate furnishings, leather finishes, Persian carpets, deep reds and a delightful mixture of wood and copper combine to marry the Arab and Maasai influences, characteristic of Ancient Swahili heritage.

Unparalleled game viewing and expert guides

Game drives at Mara Plains are action-packed. There is an awe-inspiring landscape, the notorious Big Five, magnitudes of plains game and so much more to investigate that your erudite and affable guide will not only proudly show you, but also teach you about. End off your day sitting with an iced cold G and T in hand, watching a pride of lion, as the sun descends below the horizon, the light fades and gives way to an endless starry night.

For more on this exquisite property click here. 

Africa – Where Luxury Meets Adventure

Africa awakens the soul and conjures up an adventurous spirit in everyone – leaving you forever touched by its wonders. You may want to experience river rafting, mountain climbing and whale-watching or hike Africa’s rugged terrains. If you enjoy adventure travel but want amenities such as private guides, shuttle services, exclusive upgrades and VIP treatment, we will show you the way!

Adding a touch of luxury to your travels doesn’t mean that you won’t have an authentic experience, in fact far from it! For many of our guests, luxury adventure trips add more memorable moments to an already exciting holiday. Be filled with wonder and excitement for what you are seeing and doing, and be as comfortable as possible while doing so.

Londolozi Tree Camp Fire Deck Iconic Africa Luxury Safaris

We have handpicked a selection of adventure travel activities between South Africa and Zimbabwe which offer extraordinary explorations and experiences that both enrich and exhilarate:

Stay With the Locals

Scattered throughout Zululand are homesteads that welcome visitors. Guests can experience traditional “rondavel” thatched huts, visit the local school, community and herbal healer. Take a glimpse into contemporary Zulu life, including the local food, music and dance during evening cultural programmes.

Canyoning along a River in the Cape

Prepare to get wet climbing and leaping your way down a river; abseiling and zip-lining where there are steep drops and floating down stream. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the forests passing by, before the adrenaline rush of plunging in to mini waterfalls and swimming between rock walls leaves you anticipating that dry, mossy log to rest on.

Sand-Boarding Down ‘The Dragon’

Feet strapped down, atop a huge sand dune, shuffling forward until you start to slide down ‘The Dragon’ – the longest sandboarding dune in South Africa at 300 meters. Engage those core muscles whether you’re feet down on a sand-board or tummy down on a body board until you topple over at the bottom of the slope.


Abseiling Down Table Mountain

Table Mountain is a must-do when in Cape Town, but not many people get the opportunity to see the iconic mountain from this angle. Dangling from a vertical cliff face, you’ll be able to take in the majestic views of the Mother City. Catch the cable car up the mountain and get strapped into your harness. Then, standing backwards on the top of the mountain, heels over the cliff edge, lean backwards into thin air.

Then, head off to Zimbabwe to keep you on your toes, but not by car or plane…

Luxury Rail in Southern Africa

Return to the golden age of rail travel aboard the Rovos Rail. Experience luxury travel and grandeur using the most lavish train in the world. Enjoy the old world charm and fine cuisine of the Rovos Rail as you make your way through splendid views and natural landscapes en route to the majestic Victoria Falls.

Selinda Explorers Camp Botswana Safari

Travelling to Zimbabwe and not ticking these adventure activities off your bucket-list is like visiting Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower…

Raft one of the World’s Best Rivers for White Water

Explore the river that creates these great falls in a different way. White water-raft your way down this iconic river with a trained operator. For those adrenaline seekers, this is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have.

Bungee Jump off one of the Most Scenic Bridges in the World

Bungee with your ankles tied, a star elevator jump or into a back flip into the spray of the falls from the Victoria Falls Bridge. You’ll free fall for four seconds from 111 metres. Adrenaline junkies will need no convincing as the Victoria Falls Bungee has been consistently voted as one of the world’s top five adrenaline experiences.

Gorge-Swing Across The Zambezi River

The Wild Horizons Gorge Swing sends you on a three-second free fall down a 70-metre drop that turns into a 95-metre-long pendulum swing. The jumping ropes are pivoted in the middle of the 316-metre-long high-wire that connects the cliffs, 120 metres above the tumbling river.

Cable Slide `

Take a running leap into the air and soar over Batoka Gorge in the Superman position at speeds of around 10-15km/hour. This Wild Horizons Flying Fox cable slide takes approximately seven minutes to make the 200-metre-long flight from one end of the canyon to the other and back.

Elephant Camp Vic Falls Safari

The Flight of Angels

Go micro-lighting over the Victoria Falls – an experience that can’t be explained, it must be experienced! View the thundering Victoria Falls from an aerial view in an open cockpit microlight aeroplane that can carry one passenger and one pilot. Exposed to the elements, the wind in your hair and the sun on your face – let the mounted camera capture you in a moment that words cannot describe.

Hike Zimbabwe’s Highest Peak

A relatively moderate climb with very little steep inclines will take you to Zimbabwe’s highest peak, Mt. Nyangani (2,592m). These are the eastern highlands, with notoriously interchangeable weather (so be sure to use an expert local guide) that reveals a moving heaven once the clouds have passed.

These are only a few of the adventures available… many more await travellers! Click here and find out more about how you can create lifelong memories for you and your family.

Coming Soon: Singita Kwitonda – Rwanda

Singita is honoured to be opening their Kwitonda Lodge in August 2019 in Rwanda, an extraordinarily beautiful, small country where more than one third of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas live in the forests of Volcanoes National Park. Singita Kwitonda, situated along the Kwitonda trail, will boast 12 luxury hotel rooms, 8 of them being high-end villas with magnificent views of the Sabyinyo, Gahinga and Muhabura volcanoes.

Emmanuel Hategeka – Chief Operations Officer at Rwanda Development Board – emphasizes that Rwanda will no longer be a “brief stop” on a traveller’s itinerary, but rather offer them a “lifetime hospitality experience”. Rwanda is intended to become a high-end tourism destination – especially with its world-famous mountain gorillas and the opening of Singita’s new luxury lodge.

The Singita Rwanda Lodge will be named after a deceased silverback known as Kwitonda, who died 5 years ago.

The architectural design of Kwitonda Lodge will embody the spirit of Rwanda and offer a tribute to Kwitonda – a legendary silverback gorilla who was known for his humility and gentleness.  An important component of the design is the human impact on the land – following architects and interior designer’s selection of locally sourced and produced materials for the interior finishing. The local community has also been engaged in building traditional dry stone walling on site.

Singita is extending its conservation footprint to Rwanda. The geographical location of the Kwitonda Lodge on the park border will create a natural space to help reinforce the buffer area between agricultural plots and the habitat of the estimated 320 mountain gorillas that find sanctuary here.

Farming is an important primary sector of the economy and reforestation of land heavily impacted by agriculture is vital. Singita will initially include the establishment of a nursery and the planting of over 60,000 tree saplings in and around the Kwitonda Lodge. Ultimately, Singita aims to support the Rwandan government in finding ways to increase the gorilla habitat while remaining sensitive in assisting neighbouring communities to thrive economically and socially.

Kwitonda Lodge embodies Rwanda’s gentle and regenerative spirit and provides guests with a contemplative and nurturing space in which to appreciate and take in the wildlife and landscapes. The opening of the lodge not only makes gorilla trekking accessible, but allows guests the option of combining their visit to Rwanda with a stopover at Singita’s private concession on the Serengeti plains in Tanzania.



Besides Rwanda’s world-famous gorillas and its golden monkeys, there is much more to see and explore. From the Afro montane forests of Nyungwe National Park and primordial Lake Kivu to the vibrant and sophisticated capital city, Kigali, guests are guaranteed a full itinerary.


Iconic’s Hand-picked Singita Images

Singita, means “place of miracles,” which truly embodies everything for which this incredible brand has become famous. Astonishing game viewing, amplified by exquisite accommodation and outstanding home-grown cuisine – all with a touch of genuine, warm African hospitality. For many avid African travellers, Singita represents the summit of luxury African safari. This world class

experience has been recognised globally with endless awards in numerous travel publications!

Singita has been preserving African wildlife and landscapes across South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe for the past twenty years. Promising an exceptional safari experience at twelve of their award-winning lodges and camps, Singita is able to partially fund the protection and preservation of pristine wilderness, not to mention help create economic independence within local communities surrounding the reserves.

With several lodges and camps across three African countries – there is so much of sensational Singita to digest. To give you a quick feel of what they’re all about we’ve gathered together our top handpicked images here:

Please do let us know if you have any further questions on Singita’s magical destinations.

Property of the Month – Royal Chundu

The natural excitement of being in the African bush is amplified by the romance and adventure of this magnificent lodge bordering both Zambia and Zimbabwe. Camouflaged between the untouched and untamed natural beauty of the surrounding lush vegetation, Royal Chundu heightens the senses with the sights and sounds this ‘paradise on earth’ has to offer. Coupled with the colonial décor and African charm, the River and Island lodge offers guests peace, quiet and serenity. Either overlooking the bushveld or relaxing alongside the bank of the Zambezi River, the spirit of Zambia is evident, especially in the staff from neighbouring villages. Scroll down for more details about the two lodges and why Royal Chundu has captured our hearts this month.

Royal Chundu, the first Relais & Chateaux property in Zambia, is 14 suites of majestic and secluded opulence nestled on the Zambian bank of the immense Zambezi River. Here, upstream of the Victoria Falls, the river is a wide and tranquil elixir that supports a myriad of bird, fish, mammal and plant life. Elephants graze the banks and islands while tiger fish dart through the water after prey. Royal Chundu represents a commitment to unbridled luxury in the wild of Africa and the constant support of local communities.

River Lodge

River Lodge is the majestic hub of Royal Chundu. The double volume thatch main area looks out across the main Zambezi channel onto the distant banks of Zimbabwe. It feels as if nature birthed this Zambian gem, so seamlessly does it fit into the vegetation around it. The sumptuous sitting rooms are softly lit by crystal yellow glowing chandeliers. The acres of wooden decking, deep cool pool and serene atmosphere offer endless delightful spaces for rest and reflection. The fabulously stocked wine cellar and library full of leather-bound volumes offer sophisticated retreats at night or when the weather closes in.

The ten superbly decorated and sublimely comfortable suites are spacious tributes to the Zambezi and the warmth of the local people. They offer complete privacy indoors and outside on the generous private decks. The river meanders on its timeless journey while hippos surface in the shallows, bushbuck browse in the verdant vegetation and, if you are lucky, an elephant swims across the main channel as you lie on a chaise longue in astonishment at the engulfing splendour.

Island Lodge

Island lodge is Royal Chundu’s premier camp with just four superb suites secluded on a private island, surrounded by easy channels and shaded by ancient baobabs. Each suite is a testament to the romance of Africa. The highlight of your private deck is the open-air bath. The acme of rejuvenation is to lie in the tub suspended over the river while inhaling the soft, sweet scent of the river.

If you are not watching the action in the water from the extra length king size bed, then you might be sipping a gin and tonic from the shaded basket chair on the deck or lazing in a tender lounge armchair. The entire front of the suite is fronted with glass concertina doors which means you are constantly thrilled by the wildness of the Zambezi while recharging in the lap of profound luxury.

The main area boasts two opulent lounges, a dining deck slung out under the star-sprayed African sky, an intimate boma and an infinity pool to quench the heat of the day and help you empathise with the hippo grunting with satisfaction in the river below.


Children of all ages are welcome at Royal Chundu and there is an excellent children’s programme where budding young naturalists can have wilderness fun in complete safety under the watchful gaze of the high-skilled Royal Chundu Staff. While your spirit is being recharged with a spa treatment or a snooze on the deck, your kids will be treasure hunting, catching fish, cooking, cruising on the river and visiting local villages.

For more on this exceptional property click here.





Our Favourite Family Friendly Lodges

Nothing could ever be more special than going on an out-of-Africa, safari, adventure with the entire family. Sharing and making unforgettable memories with children is what parents dream of and taking them on safari is one sure way of doing this. There really is nothing better than seeing your child’s face light up at the sight of their first elephant; or watching the wind in their hair as the game vehicle races through the bushveld in pursuit of a pack of wild dogs; or simply the smile that results as the sun sets over the horizon turning the sky pink, purple and blue. Africa has so much to offer for all souls – young and old.

That’s why we recommend staying at one of our favourite family friendly lodges. Have a look at the lodges below to get inspired. You won’t be disappointed.

Lelapa Lodge at Madikwe Safari Lodge

Lelapa Lodge is the quintessential safari adventure for the whole family, and it specifically caters for families with children. The idea is for parents to be absolutely pampered while kids are kept completely entertained by the specialised rangers and facilities. Lelapa Lodge even has a special bush orientation programme for kids. Meals are kept decadent for parents and simple for children. Kids can even help the chefs make pizzas for lunch and cookies for tea! It’s an absolutely spell-binding experience for children. Each suite has its own private plunge pool, and spectacular views over the African bushveld. Set against the backdrop of the savannah, and simply teeming with wildlife, Lelapa Lodge is the ideal family escape.

Tswalu Lodge in the Kalahari

Tswalu is southern Africa’s biggest private game reserve, and is perfect for anyone wanting to experience true Kalahari wilderness. The views from the lodge are utterly magical and ensure awesome game-viewing opportunities. Tswalu has three luxurious bungalows that have been specifically designed to cater for families, and the warm staff know just how to make your enchanting family escape one to remember. From de-stressing massage treatments to exciting morning game drives, this is a place where memories are made. Treat yourselves to a once-in-a-lifetime horse safari or relax on the private sundeck while taking in the awe-inspiring views of the waterhole.

Tswalu Game Reserve. Southern Kalahari. Northern Cape. South Africa.

Londolozi in Sabi Sands

Sabi Sands is possibly the most famous private game reserve in the southern hemisphere. For high quality game-viewing, Sabi Sands is the place to be because of the incredible number of predators in the area. Londolozi proudly boasts the title of ‘best hotel in the world’ which it was given by the Conde Nast Readers’ Choice Awards in 2014. For the ultimate family safari, families should be sure to stay at Varty Camp. What makes Varty Camp so special is the fact that it is so committed to bringing families the very best in luxury and entertainment that it even has a special itinerary just for children. Varty Camp puts family first and children are always warmly welcomed.

For more information about our family friendly safaris, please visit our site here.

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What a month it’s been. We’ve visited beautiful Botswana,  popped by one of the world’s 7 wonders and gone on a magical East African safari. We’ve toured Africa’s exquisite landscapes through the expert lens of @jacofotos and so much more. Just in case you missed out… click here for our month on Instagram.

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How to Safari in Style

Here’s the latest on travelling through Africa the way it should be travelled – comfortably and fashionably.

Africa, especially South Africa has an array of climates in a single day. September to November in Southern Africa sees temperatures climbing as the weeks go by. Many safari destinations across Southern Africa approach their peak season and winter’s unsympathetic wind and rain is replaced by crisp morning sun.

game reserve and national park river sunset

Summer (November to March, sometimes April) in the Northern provinces such as the Kruger, is extremely hot and humid with temperatures reaching 40°C. Dusk and dawn embrace variations of ‘cold’ with temperatures reaching a low of 5°C.

Ivory Lodge Lions Sands Lion Kruger Park Safari


And so you might ask “What safari clothes are right for Africa in summer?” There is no definitive answer on where the best place to go on safari is, but when you have acquired a taste for the bush and the scent of the first rain after a scorching day, you will have a definitive answer on what to wear, what to pack, what to say.


Our variable weather requires guests to bring along both lightweight cotton or linen garments for the day as well as a warm rain jacket for those cooler nights. Or, if you’re feeling like rococo is alive and well in your heart – a pashmina works well too. Late afternoon or evening thunderstorms are inevitable but welcomed. Of the variety of clothing needed, an umbrella may seem pertinent too. Depending on the laundry service at your bush camp, crease-proof clothing and technical gear are ideal. Click here for a full list on what to pack.

Many first timers wonder whether the need for neutral colours is a myth or fact. Well, if you do not own any neutral colour clothing, it is not necessary to go out and buy, unless you intend to do a walking safari. Most wildlife perceive the vehicle and passengers as one large animal or unit. Wearing bright colours will not necessarily trigger any associations of a threat but if you are walking, ‘bush colours’ are advisable (no white or bright colours). Many visitors consider the classic safari colours of khaki and green cargo pants, but this is a personal preference. If you intend on walking, make sure you pack in a pair of comfortable walking shoes, preferably hiking boots. For pleasant game drives under Africa’s sweltering sun, you’ll need to remember your planter’s hat and retro square sunglasses. Stay protected (sunscreen) and hydrated (bottled water) throughout the day.

Selinda Explorers Camp Botswana Safari

Most of your day will be spent wrapping up the Big 5 safari or combing through South African fauna and flora; touring the vast plains in Tanzania or encountering timeless ethnic tribal culture in Kenya. You’ll want to avoid one-shoulder straps and opt for slings or backpacks with your essentials: wet wipes, band aids, tissues, mosquito repellent and Panado. Summer Safaris are great opportunities to observe and photograph new young wildlife trying to navigate environments and facing life for the first time. If you have binoculars, pack them. Otherwise, photograph the moments you are afraid to forget.

Marataba Safari Lodge River Cruise

In addition to your cotton or linen pants and shirts, mix up your outfits with shorts, tank tops and thick-sole sandals. If you’d like to dress up your outfits from daywear to evening wear for dinners or trips to the dorp (small town), include long dresses with summer knits and a neck scarf or two. Pack in long sleeves and trousers for the evening to guard against mosquitos.

And last of all don’t forget to pack in a swimming costume for those hot summer days in the bush.
We hope this post has helped you somewhat and that you have a lekker (great) time in Africa. Please let us know if you have any other questions at all.

Instagram Takeover – Clyde Thomas

Our very own @clydeothomas has just had a lovely time @londolozi. Scroll down here for some of the awesome pictures he captured on his trip. Thank you @clydeothomas for sharing! 


Month on Instagram

Does your soul yearn for fiery sunsets, untouched open spaces and dreamy star-lit evenings? Do you dream of hearing lions roar, cicadas chirp and fish eagles call? Say no more…let us bring Africa to you.

Heart-stopping wildlife photographs, on-safari footage, Africa’s most exquisite creatures and unforgettable experiences captured right here… in this Month on Instagram. #Africa #bigfive #luxury #safari


Samara Game Reserve – A Safari for the Soul

“The Karoo is not as much a place as a feeling, it enters through your bloodstream – taking its time to unfold before it’s time to leave. Then you realise it’s taken a hold of your soul.” Unknown.

Set in the heart of the Karoo, this award-winning, 5-star luxury game reserve is one of South Africa’s most iconic destinations, promising a safari for the soul – like no other. If you need to feel relaxed, revitalised and refreshed then this is the spot for you.

Samara Game Reserve Supports Tracker Academy Fundraiser

Before we say more… we’d like to thank Samara for their very generous support of our Tracker Academy Fundraiser taking place in Atlanta on the 3rd of October. One lucky couple will be taking home two free life-changing nights at Samara.

More on Samara:

Award-winning Samara Private Game Reserve sits on 70,000 acres of breathtaking wilderness south-east of Graaff-Reinet. Best described as ‘heart-stoppingly beautiful’, Samara uniquely encompasses four vegetation biomes offering a diversity of landscapes and wildlife. Endangered cheetah, black rhino and springbok roam the extensive plains framed by dramatic purple mountains, whilst herds of Cape mountain zebra, wildebeest and eland cavort on the unique ‘Samara Mara’ – thousands of acres of plateau grasslands resembling the East African Serengeti.

Samara boasts just two intimate five-star lodges, sleeping a maximum of 26 guests, so it will feel like you have this timeless landscape all to yself when you gaze out for miles from the lookout points and dine under a canopy of stars. As well as providing a magical and romantic setting, Samara has a greater social and environmental purpose. The Samara project, started in 1997, seeks to recreate a sustainable Great Karoo ecosystem, and forms part of a greater vision to promote landscape-scale conservation in the region – a protected area system of 1.3 million acres in size.

Accommodation includes:

Karoo Lodge, a lovingly renovated 1800s farmhouse encircled by a natural amphitheatre of mountains. Combining colonial comforts and modern day luxuries with a rustic and welcoming feel, Karoo Lodge is the perfect place to relax and allow the tranquility of the Karoo to envelop you – on the wide verandah in summer or by the cosy fire in winter. With nine double rooms of varying sizes, Karoo Lodge caters for individual travellers, couples and families.

The luxurious Manor House, an exclusive-use villa ideal for families and groups looking for privacy, indulgence and complete relaxation, sleeps 8 in four luxury suites. The Manor is unique in its warm design, which reflects the local landscape and traditions with a light, modern twist, interpreted through the eyes of talented South African interior designer John Jacob Zwiegelaar. Upon arrival your eye is drawn through the glass double doors flanked by beaded African artwork and traditional Karoo antiques to the breathtaking views beyond. Unwind as you watch the Karoo mountain landscape unfold over a 21m infinity pool.

Food at Samara is served from the Karoo Kitchen, delivering lovingly-prepared fare rustled up by the local chefs. Expect mouthwatering meals using the freshest produce and recipes handed down from generation to generation, evoking that famous Karoo hospitality. Friendly yet unobtrusive service is a Samara hallmark, and the team will welcome you as part of the extended Samara family.

Activities include game drives, guided walks, wilderness picnics, cheetah tracking on foot, aardvark spotting (winter is best), birding, hiking, mountain biking and the luxury star bed (open October to April). Samara is malaria-free and welcomes children of all ages with a dedicated children’s programme.

For more on Samara and the magic that awaits please contact us.