Iconic Africa Food Safaris in Association with Sarah Graham Copy

“Africa is all your safari dreams come true, and I want to share it with you. Let’s explore the food, the flavours, the sights and smells. Let’s make memories built on those endless, breath-taking vistas of savannah bowing quietly to a gentle breeze; of animals dotting endless plains and sunsets that stay with you forever. Let’s visit beaches that are so pure and white and their waters so exquisitely turquoise that they are beautiful and blinding in equal measure. Let’s explore all of the colourful cultures, with all their labyrinths of stories and traditions and adornments. Our Africa is immense, it is enormous, it is dramatic and in full colour, it will swallow you whole; heart and soul, and you will love every minute of it.”



“I’ve teamed with the amazing people at Iconic Africa so that they can turn your dreams into memories – they love Africa like I do, and are as passionate about making travellers feel at home here as you’d want them to be. I’ve worked with them to hand-pick the very best gourmet destinations in Southern Africa, and we’ve crafted three Iconic Africa Food Safaris just for you” – Sarah Graham


About Sarah Graham

Sarah grew up on a small wildlife conservancy in Zimbabwe, and this instilled in her a food philosophy that is built on sharing beautiful, simple, healthy food with family and friends.

Sarah has written 3 award-winning cookbooks: Bitten, Smitten and Home and filmed two cooking shows, which have aired both in South Africa and internationally. Sarah’s Food Safari is currently showing on the Cooking Channel (U.S.A) on Saturdays at 10a.m. The series takes viewers on an epic food journey through some of Sarah’s favourite spots in Southern Africa, with breath-taking backdrops from golden wildlife-dotted savannah, The Victoria Falls, the colourful streets of the city of Johannesburg, the expansive plains of the Karoo and ends off back in Cape Town where Season 1 was filmed.