History, landscape and people

Much of Botswana is flat to rolling hills with 70% being made up of the Kalahari Desert – a true living desert of surprising diversity and splendour. The Makgadikgadi is an eerie expanse of salt pans the size of Switzerland.

In the north of the Kalahari, the Okavango River dissipates into one of planet earth’s largest inland deltas – a verdant mosaic of islands and pristine waterways where more than 400 species of bird and all of Africa’s great game species occur in bewildering profusion. 

Northeast of the Okavango lies the Selinda Game Reserve 320 000acres of private wilderness centred on the waters of the Selinda Spillway and the magnificent Zibadianja lagoon. 

The friendly people of Botswana are mostly Tswana speaking Batswana. The next most numerous group is the Kalanga or San, some of whom still live the traditional life of the Kalahari hunter-gatherers of old.