Londolozi: A Photo Essay

This past weekend we ran our first official Instagram takeover by the unbelievably talented @lara.jess during her trip to Londolozi. We hope you have enjoyed her photos and if not follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on more #IAtakeovers like this.

Scroll down and enjoy.

I'm working on a theory. I'll call it "The Arborists". It goes something like this: the leopards and lions of #Londolozi have a thing for beautiful trees. Due to this penchant they have made a pact with the elephants – any tree they claim as their own, the elephants have agreed to leave alone; any tree they earmark will keep its bark intact; keep its roots in the ground. The lions are doing their part by hiding their tiny cubs in a koppie. An exquisite fig, safe now, watches over the nursery, grateful for the pride's choosing. And the leopards – the leopards are the biggest tree-huggers of all (we'll forgive their affinity for meat – who said environmentalists HAD to be vegetarians anyway?). The leopards are doing the lion's share (I couldn't resist) of the guarding. It's no fluke that they drag their kills up the most beautiful of trees. It's no secret that leopards are tree-snobs. Just yesterday I was watching a leopard with a hoisted nyala kill in a giant Sausage Tree. Boisterous as they are, a big elephant appeared through a thicket causing the leopard to look up from her perch. And you know what I think her stare conveyed? I think she was saying, "No, sorry, I've shot-gunned this one." If you doubt my theory, take a look at my photo again and then try tell me she doesn't look besotted. @Londolozi @lara.jess #safari #kruger #sabisands #africatravel #travel #leopard #africa #iconicafrica

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"My brother is doing 'A Big Year'. For those who don't know that means he's trying to see or hear as many bird species as he can in one year. So far he's on 235. (He's in the lead – competing with two friends.) Our game drives at #Londolozi don't get far without him asking to stop so he can look through his binoculars at some flicker of feathers. This right here is a saddle billed stork. We saw him late in the drive when our spotlight swept passed the dam. If there's one thing I can't resist taking a photo of, it's a good reflection. When a reflection has bright colours, well, that's me – eye to the viewfinder. And isn't he just glorious?!" @lara.jess @londolozi #iconicafrica #londolozi #africa #travel #kruger #birding #birdwatching

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The thing about golden light is it doesn't really matter what it hits, it turns it pretty.

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We hope you enjoyed all the photos and video from our first Instagram takeover. Please let us know in the comments section what you thought and if you would like to experience a trip like this.

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