Victoria Falls – When is the best time to visit Victoria Falls

When David Livingstone first saw the miracle that is the Victoria Falls he wrote that upon this incredible sight “angels in their flight must have gazed.” This natural wonder is a sight to be seen… and one for every traveller’s bucket-list. Here are a few tips on when is the best time to visit Victoria Falls:

when is the best time to visit victoria falls

When is the best time to go Victoria Falls: Quick facts

Best time to go to Vic Falls: July to October (Good water levels over the falls & great adventure activities)
Busy Season: July to October (Victoria Falls can get crowded)
Quiet Season: November to April (A quieter time at Victoria Falls but spectacular for adventure activities)
Best Weather: April, May and September (Pleasant temperatures; afternoon rains are rare and seldom interfere with your safari)
Worst Weather: October to February (Very hot; December to February are the wet weather months)

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May to June – High Flow

The Victoria Falls or what the locals call “the smoke that thunders” is at their fullest and most impressive between May to June. This high flow season most definitely gives the most awe-inspiring view. The full curtain of water stretches the whole width of the Zambezi. The sheer volume of water is jaw-stopping and thunderous roar and fine mist reaches for miles. Do be careful with your cameras in the mist of the rainforest… you may need to purchase a poncho to keep it dry.

when is the best time to visit victoria falls

October and November – Low Flow

Flow is at its lowest in the dry season resulting in narrower streams of water flowing over the rock wall. Although the actual falls may not be as remarkable, tourists are able to get closer to the edge and visibility is improved. As a result you are likely to get much better photos than during high flow. If you are an adrenalin junkie… this is a great time to live on the edge and take a refreshing yet heart-stopping swim in Devil’s Pool. The sparse vegetation also makes wildlife spotting much easier and game drives far more thrilling.

when is the best time to visit victoria falls river rafting

July to September – The Interim

This transitional flow can also be an incredible time to visit Victoria Falls. The lower water volume and less mist allows for breathtaking views and incredible rafting conditions. White-water rafting, definitely something for the adventurers bucket-list! Whether you are bravely paddling through a rapid, holding on to the rope for dear life or bouncing around in the white water this is an experience to remember!

when is the best time to visit victoria falls photograph Vic Falls

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