Alex Walker’s Serian


‘Serian’ means peaceful in Maasai and that is exactly what these camps offer. Disconnect from the world entirely, let go of everything and immerse yourself in nature. Alex Walker’s Serian is the ultimate mobile camping experience, with four camps in the Serengeti it will bring you as close as humanly possible to the migrating herds. Revel in the fresh air, the unspoilt bush, the wild animals and this wholly natural setting; let the harmony and tranquility of your surroundings infiltrate you. Here, you will learn that there is so much more to safari than ticking animals off a list, it’s about exploration, adventure and appreciation. Whether the camp is in the North or South Serengeti you will arrive and you will feel at home.

AW Elephant crossing the Mara - Aug 12

The ultimate mobile migration experience

Just off the banks of the powerful Mara River in the Northern Serengeti the Camp has been set up to await the arrival of the herds. With your very own exclusive safari vehicle at no extra cost, walking adventures on offer, night game drives and so much more… the team at Alex Walker will do everything they can to ensure you have the most fantastic wildlife experience possible. While you are having lunch, the expert guides are out there watching the movement of the herds and monitoring whether a crossing could be on the cards for you later. If it is, then they will shoot back to camp, interrupt your lunch and take you out to the frontline where all the action is happening. You can relax at Alex Walker and know that you will no doubt, see everything there is to see in the area. If you are lucky enough to come across the migration then it is most definitely the very best experience you could get of Africa’s most epic natural phenomenon.


Feel right at home in the heart of the Serengeti

Stepping into the main tent is like walking into your lounge at home. Shoes off, you immediately relax and feel at ease with the simple yet comfortable furnishings, all of natural hues and blending peacefully with the outside environment. It’s laid back, relaxed and down to earth slowing you down to the pace of the natural world around you. With no more than six tents in each camp, it is intimate, quiet and peaceful. Alex wanders around, clad in his sarong, telling stories of the wildlife and the bush; very interested in his guests you really do feel welcome by both him and the rest of the staff. Sit in the lounge, put your feet up and investigate some of the old classic coffee table books, have a game of solitaire or try your hand at some sketching. Whatever it is you feel like doing, here you have complete freedom to do just that.

Each mealtime is a treat as you dine together and experience the essence of sharing. The outstanding home cooked food is authentic, tasty and in abundance. Whether you go for the roast chicken, roast beef, butternut soup with chilli sherry or the decadent cheesecake you will most definitely be going back for more. It’s delicious, hearty and served with many a warm African smile.


Allowing nature to be the main event

“We move with the wildebeest and sometimes they leave us, but when they return it’s like family coming back home,” Baraka, Guide.

The Alex Walker Serian camps always take second place to the African wilderness that they are in. That is what is the main event. Each suite is designed to blend in with the bush and to ensure that you can experience as much of it’s beauty, sounds and delights as possible. Beneath the canvas is a luxurious over-sized bed, large homely mirrors, sheepskin carpets, a private verandah, writing desk and a lovely bathroom; everything you need. Owner run and managed by the legendary Alex Walker who is often in the camps, the hands on personal feel, is tangible. If you are lucky enough to have Alex in camp be sure to chat to him as his knowledge of the wildlife, the bush and Tanzania is unparalleled. He definitely has some great stories in store for you and will share them over a glass of wine around the crackling campfire. Sitting out under the stars be sure to stop talking for a while and listen. If the wildebeest snorting, the hyenas howling and the lion call in the distance don’t take your breath away then the unbridled brilliance of the stars above, certainly will!