Royal Livingstone Hotel

Victoria Falls

The Royal Livingstone Hotel defines Victorian elegance and majesty in sumptuous African comfort. The rooms, lounges and decks radiate a unique African charm that emanates from the Zambian staff as much as from the tasteful and contemporary African décor. This grand tribute to the continent is just upstream from the thundering of the Victoria Falls, the spray from its plunging waters palpable in the verdant gardens that drain into the mighty Zambezi.


Joyful African Dawn

Begin your day at 06h00 in the Livingstone Lounge as the radiance of the African dawn envelopes you in an embrace of subtle Zambezi mist. The lounge presents history through leather-bound tomes, hand-drawn maps and aged paintings and the outside area is the perfect space to drink a quiet coffee while Zambia wakes.

Languid lazy midday

The boundless manicured gardens, where wild Africa blends into modern comfort are centred on a crystal pool that overlooks the leisurely waters of the Zambezi just as they gather momentum before cascading over the cliffs. Likewise the main terrace, beautifully decorated in dark wood and shades of the Victorian era, offers a gentle space from which to contemplate this astonishing place – especially when some of the hotel’s zebra or giraffe amble by.

Rest for body mind and spirit

If you choose to remain at the Royal Livingstone and absorb the concord of Africa, then a beauty or wellness treatment in the private gazebo overlooking the gently flowing river or in the seclusion of your own room is a brilliant opportunity for mind, body and spirit rejuvenation.


The epic African sunset

The sundecks, suspended out over the river and looking onto the ginger sunset mist, are brilliant places to reflect on the day’s adventures while dusk turns the flowing water from silver-yellow to inky-indigo – the first stars dancing on the rippling surface.

Indulgent evenings

If you arrive back from exploring after sunset, sip a pre-dinner single-malt, cocktail or fine chardonnay in the atmospheric Traveller’s Bar while the piano conjures an atmosphere of bygone pioneering in the evening coolth.

After your drink, a sublime meal that combines the flavours of Europe, Africa and even India awaits you in the sumptuous dining room or, on a warm evening, under the candle lit boughs of the Monkey Tree.
Elegant comfort and convenience

Each ensuite room has a private balcony from which you can inhale the sweetness of the manicured gardens or stare out beyond to the rising ‘smoke’ of the falls with the uplifting sound of the water a distant roar that keeps you ever mindful of nature’s power. The décor is beautiful and elegant Africa and the generous cosy beds will lull you to sleep while the frogs and insects sing to the night.


Natural wonder and epic adventure

The Victoria Falls offers an astonishing number of exciting activities for all ages and all tastes. Royal Livingstone’s superbly staffed and run Activity Desk will recommend combinations of nature, fun and adventure for you – normally no more than 15 minutes away.

The first and probably last thing you should do is go and face the plunging waters. The Royal Livingstone offers unlimited private access to the falls – just a scenic 15 minute walk from the hotel. It is here that the epic grandeur of the world’s largest waterfall can be seen, heard, tasted, touched and felt. You will never forget this experience.

For the wild at heart there are adventures to whiten the knuckles and curl the toes. Leap off the 110m bungee jump from the Victoria Falls Bridge where, if you’re able to keep your eyes open, you’ll be thrilled by the beauty of the sheer gorge cliffs – an amazing number of trees hanging to the slippery edges. Likewise the zip-line gorge crossing or the gorge swing will make you feel like a peregrine falcon in full dive. For a lengthier adrenalin fix, a white water rafting experience in the churning cataracts below the falls will leave you with a grin-fixed face for days afterwards.

Less physical but no less breath-taking adventures include helicopter rides and micro-light flips over the splendour of the falls and the wilderness beyond.

A walk or drive to the historic town of Victoria Falls is an excellent option where you can visit the museum or view the falls from the rain forest.

For nature enthusiasts not satisfied with the abundant animal life around the hotel grounds or the river in front of the decks, there are some exciting options which include day trips to the world-renowned Chobe Game Reserve in Botswana or safaris into the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park.