Azura Benguerra


Azura Benguerra Island is a tropical island paradise from the story books of history. Silver beaches, leaning palm trees singing in the gentle breeze and the endless cerulean Indian Ocean dishing largesse in the form of tranquillity, delicious fresh seafood and marine abundance. Benguerra is peace, seclusion, Mozambican hospitality, lavish opulence and modern efficiency at the gentle pace of the Indian Ocean islands.


Sensual island grandeur

The three types of beach villa at Benguerra all offer sensual island grandeur. Each villa blends perfectly into the indigenous gardens which,in turn meld into the verdant Indian Ocean vegetation, the dunes and finally the sea. Each magnificent villa is just a few steps from the beach.

Inside, the locally-sourced wooden beams support thick roves of fragrant jekka which provide respite from the island sun, the cool air inside touched with a sense of marine wilderness. The décor is contemporary coastal African – simple, aqua-marine, light, spacious and airy but gently refined.

The largest villas are the Infinity Beach Villas which boast private 5 metre swimming pools that extend onto the beach. All villas have secluded beach salas where you can relax on the sumptuous day beds, an island cocktail next to you, the Indian Ocean breeze cooling and healing you weary spirit. The private covered decks and lounges are ideal places to dine in sophisticated seclusion or laze with a great book, the cobalt sea singing you to gentle repose.

These spectacular private beach homes are furnished with king-size beds, down duvets while the commodious bathrooms vaunt indoor and outdoor showers and vast bath tubs for ultimate relaxation. You may be lucky enough to experience the power and majesty of an Indian Ocean storm from the seclusion and safety of your bed – the thunderheads turning the sky gun-metal and the sea to slate before clearing to reveal a night firmament of a billion African stars.


Villa Amizade

Villa Amizade, decorated and appointed in the same exquisite style as the Beach Villas, is a two suite villa ideal for families and small groups. This expansive family retreat offers a generous private pool set on a deck fringed by a private beach and looking out west to where the sun sets over mighty Africa. The expansive lounge area is fully equipped for families (TV, DVD, games etc) while the wine bar offers parents a space to sample some of the wines brought over by the owner from his personal chateau in the Loire Valley, France.

Presidential Villa

The Presidential Villa is possibly the most intimate, secluded and flamboyant beach house on the Indian Ocean. The three en-suite bedrooms, lounges and wine bar are the acme of Indian Ocean elegance and African luxury. Away from the main house, there are two private beach salas and a magnificent tree house where you can doze or absorb the atmosphere of the gentle waters as they stretch to Bazaruto Island and then into infinity.


Adventure in, on and off the water

Benguerra Island the ultimate space recline in luxury and rejuvenate but there is also a huge amount fun to be had.

There is a magnificent two kilometre reef for snorkelling in the crystal warm water while the colours of the life below astonish. If you’d like to go deeper under the water, scuba diving is magnificent and the five-star Benguerra dive centre is equipped with all the best equipment and expert instruction for novice divers.

The fly-fishing from the shore is a gentle way to spend a few hours while the tag and release game fishing – for marlin, sail fish, tuna and giant trevally – is some of the best in the world.

If you prefer to stay above the surface, boat trips into the Indian Ocean vastness to look for whales, dolphins and, if you are really lucky, the dugong feeding on the sea grass, will leave you with a deep sense of awe and contentment.

For lunch, you could picnic on a deserted sand bank at lowtide – your personal Indian Ocean restaurant disappearing with the rising tide.

At the end of an exciting day, there is surely no better way to appreciate the astonishing life on the ocean than from a colourful African dhow, the calm ocean lapping against the wooden hull, the sun disappearing over the wonder of Africa to the west.