Iconic Africa has teams based in South Africa, Kenya and in the USA! We are African born travel experts and are always close at hand to prepare and guide you on each step on your journey. We have a deep love for Africa, its land, its wildlife and its people and we cannot wait to share this love with you!

Before we can do that though, here’s just a little snapshot of our team:

Terri Abadi

Terri co-founded Iconic Africa in 2013. The brand is a labour of love designed to entice global travellers to African destinations that have inspired her over a lifetime of journeying across this great continent.

John Holley

John grew up in Africa. His fervour for conservation and travel was ignited by a childhood spent travelling to the continent’s wilderness hotspots. As a student John spent every minute he could in the wild – travelling and working as a horse safari guide in Kenya.

Jess Craig

Jess’s love of the bush came about early on; family adventures to the Greater Kruger National Park were where it all began. Her first word was “whiny” (a spotted hyena), and she learned to drive stick in a Land Rover Defender.

Danni Mcfarlane

Danni was raised near the Kruger National Park. She grew to love the travel industry from an early age and dived into it straight out of school, where she built a career specifically within sales and marketing.

Mary Hensman

Mary grew up on a farm in Zimbabwe. Weekends were spent on the family game farm, at Kariba or Mana Pools, one of Africa’s wildest destinations. After school Mary spent her gap year in Kenya following the wildebeest migration on horseback. Life drew her to the high seas working on the Super Yachts for a number of years, but Africa’s call never died.

Tash Trollip

Tash was born and raised in the Kruger National Park; her love and passion for the bush was instilled from a young age.

Iconic Africa have an exclusive range of only the best, hand-picked lodges and hotels which we know, regardless of your travel wishes are sure to surpass your wildest expectations. Simply contact one of our African travel experts and begin your journey to Africa with us now!