Iconic Africa has teams based in South Africa, Kenya and in the USA! We are African born travel experts and are always close at hand to prepare and guide you on each step on your journey. We have a deep love for Africa, its land, its wildlife and its people and we cannot wait to share this love with you!

Before we can do that though, here’s just a little snapshot of our team:

Terri Abadi

Founded by Terri (based in Atlanta, Georgia) in 2013, Iconic Africa is a labour of love designed to entice global travellers to African destinations that have inspired her over a lifetime of travel to this great continent. Terri’s uncontainable enthusiasm for Africa – her wildlife, her people and her wild spaces – borders on obsessive and this passion runs in the veins of the Iconic Africa team.

John Holley

John Holley grew up in Africa. His fervour for conservation and travel was ignited by a childhood spent travelling to the continent’s wilderness hotspots. As a student John spent every minute he could in the wild – travelling and working as a horse safari guide in Kenya.

Julia Fryer

Julia’s family has lived in Africa since 1840 and is deeply passionate about the bush, the outdoors and wildlife. She currently lives in Nairobi, Kenya amongst the warthogs and giraffes. Julia is thrilled to be bringing the world to Africa and for travellers to experience our unparalleled wildlife, landscapes, stunning beaches and most importantly African smiles and hospitality.

Beverly Van Schoor

Beverly loves to discover new places, people and cultures. She believes it broadens your horizons, makes you appreciative and is the best way to learn and grow. Beverly has travelled the world, from Argentina to Vietnam and even lived in the UK and Australia but there is no place she would rather be than in Africa.

Lauren Fryer

Lauren is a born and bred South African who married into a bush-mad family. The African bush is entrenched in her family culture and really pulls at their heart strings as the sky is set on fire both morning and night. The spaces are vast and the cultures diverse. Lauren endeavours to instil an appreciation of the natural world into her children and she believes there is no better place than Africa to do this!

Lexi Hall

Lexi was born in Zimbabwe and her family owned a game farm in the South Eastern lowveld where she spent a great deal of her teenage years, not to mention months exploring the incredible Zambezi Valley and 3 magical overland expeditions adventuring as far as Northern Kenya.

Iconic Africa have an exclusive range of only the best, hand-picked lodges and hotels which we know, regardless of your travel wishes are sure to surpass your wildest expectations. Simply contact one of our African travel experts and begin your journey to Africa with us now!