Tanzania's Wilderness Areas


The Serengeti National Park, meaning “endless plains” in the Maasai language, is Tanzania’s oldest game reserve and undoubtedly one of the world’s most famous wilderness areas. It is most celebrated as the site of Africa’s greatest spectacle, the annual Great Migration.

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Located slightly off the main safari route, Tarangire National Park is a lovely, quiet gem of a park in Northern Tanzania. Tarangire meaning ‘river of warthogs’ is most famous for its elephants, birding and plentitude of baobab trees. Its authentic, untouched Africa at its best.

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Zanzibar is an exquisite archipelago of tropical Indian Ocean islands that lies about 35km from the coastline of Tanzania. Zanzibar is an island holiday like no other. It’s rich in culture, intrigue, beauty, history and of course spices too!

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Ngorongoro Crater

“It is impossible to give a fair description of the size and beauty of the Crater for there is nothing with which one can compare with it. It is one of the wonders of the world.” Bernhard and Michael Grzimek

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Exquisite, endless, ever-changing landscapes

From the volcanically rich soil to the lush forests, interminable golden savannahs, pearly white sands, snow capped peaks, baobab clusters, lush swamps, fields of sunflowers and a constantly overwhelming sense of space, there is so much to explore.

Nature’s most magical playground

Tanzania has three safari circuits and each one of them would make Tanzania a top wildlife destination. The popular Northern circuit with the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater offers one of the best classical safaris in Africa, especially if timed with the annual wildebeest migration. Sit surrounded by 1.5 million wildebeest as you experience one of natures great wonders, sip a G and T on the shores of the flamingo-infested lake Manyara as the fiery sun sinks below the horizon, or survey the vast Ngorongoro crater from a breathtaking vantage point on the rim.

High densities of game all year round

Tanzania boasts the highest game density in all of Africa and as a result the game viewing is simply spectacular. At any one time you will be in awe of the amount of game that you see whether its elephants, zebra, wildebeest, buffalo or giraffe… there will no doubt be more than one of them. The Serengeti is particularly famous not only for its endless plains but also for its healthy population of lion.

Our Safaris Featuring Tanzania

Treasures of Tanzania

This tour is a journey through all of Tanzania’s most luxurious treasures. From the heart of Tanzanian coffee and culture in Arusha, to the slow safari wonders of Chem Chem to the endless plains of the Serengeti and finally up to the Northern Serengeti where all the action happens. This tour offers the ultimate in… READ MORE

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Essque Zalu

Arguably one of the most luxurious hotels on the island, Essque Zalu Zanzibar has been awarded numerous high quality travel industry awards. The hotel is the winner of the Tripadvisor ‘Travelers Choice 2016’ Award and it has been nominated for the 2016 World Luxury Hotel Awards. Enjoy your own personal piece of paradise and create unforgettable memories at Essque Zalu Zanzibar.


Experience the wonders of Zanzibar whilst spoiling yourself to the ultimate luxury beach getaway. Baraza Resort is an exclusive boutique hotel located along Bwejuu Beach – one of the top 30 island beaches in the world!

andBeyond Mnemba Island Lodge

Just off Zanzibar’s north-eastern tip, resting on a secluded island, you will find Mnemba Island Lodge – Africa’s most exclusive beach lodge. Famous for its astounding coral reefs and its esteemed reputation for being one of the most amorous ocean destinations in the world, Mnemba Island Lodge is the perfect romantic getaway. With its rustic charm and its gorgeous ocean views, Mnemba will not disappoint!

Singita Sasakwa

Perched atop the rocky Sasakwa Hill looking out over the Serengeti’s Western corridor and endless golden plains is the elegant Sasakwa House. Resembling a deluxe ranch house in the midst of the African bushveld this is one Africa’s most exquisite destinations and another of Singita’s ‘place of miracles. Exquisite views extend in every direction as…
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Singita Faru Faru

Situated in the western corridor of the legendary Serengeti, Singita Faru Faru boasting its own beach and natural waterhole. Beyond that is the Grumeti River and the riverine woodland that surrounds it, home to a host of Africa’s most majestic creatures. Singita Faru Faru really is something else, it is the ultimate in classic safari…
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Perched high up on a hill overlooking the great expanse of the Serengeti is Sayari, Swahili for ‘planet.’ And you definitely do feel as if you are on your own planet. Close to the famous Lamai wedge overlooking the unspoilt plains of the Northern Serengeti and minutes from the mighty Mara River’s most famous wildebeest…
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Alex Walker’s Serian

‘Serian’ means peaceful in Maasai and that is exactly what these camps offer. Disconnect from the world entirely, let go of everything and immerse yourself in nature. Alex Walker’s Serian is the ultimate mobile camping experience, with four camps in the Serengeti it will bring you as close as humanly possible to the migrating herds….
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Serengeti Under Canvas

Set somewhere in the vast Serengeti in hot pursuit of the massive herd so f the Great Migration is this unbelievably luxurious semi-permanent camp. It is the absolute ultimate in true bush immersion and wild African adventure, your very own wildlife haven set up in only the very best part of the Serengeti for that particular time of year. Escape from the real world entirely, put your feet up and relax while sharing Africa’s most famous wildlife area with its wildlife as intimately as possible.

Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp

Set in a wild and remote section of the Serengeti’s Western Corridor is a riverside paradise like no other. Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp was built for and inspired by the Great Migration as it sits minutes away from one of the key crossing points on the Grumeti River. This lush haven is the perfect way to escape from the crowds of the Greater Serengeti to relax, put your feet up, immerse yourself in nature and resign yourself to the fact that you don’t have to lift a finger in order to have the time of your life! Rustic yet sophisticated, this luxury lodge offers an unmatched, exclusive wildlife experience, dramatic river crossings and is home to exceptional resident game year round.

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Perched on the lofty rim of the Ngorongoro Crater, in amongst giant fig trees, this award-winning lodge is like something out of a fairy-tale. Boasting breathtaking 360-degree views of one world’s most celebrated wildlife havens, it will leave you breathless for days. Fit for royalty, the ornate architecture, dramatic interiors and the most opulent finishes, transport you into a world like none you’ve ever been to or even dreamt of before.