Azura Quilalea


Quilalea Private Island, lying in a fully protected marine reserve, is the ultimate island experience – there are just nine villas on the entire Indian Ocean knoll. This is Swiss Family Robinson tropical island seclusion in unpretentious sophistication and impossible comfort. Your meals come straight from the abundance of the ocean just steps from your private beach villa. Your private butler will lavish subtle Mozambican hospitality on you while you luxuriate in ultimate island solitude.



The capacious Kaskazi and Kusi Villas have a bearing of ethereal splendour. They are delicately constructed with natural stone, wood, rattan and cotton such that they seem to grow out of the beaches, rocks and trees. The villas are a perfect blend of contemporary African chic and eco-conscious living. While modern conveniences such as air-conditioning are readily available, the unique eco-controls allow you dictate the carbon footprint you will have in your villa – you can open the cleverly orientated doors and windows to allow the Indian Ocean breeze to cool and sooth your ultimate beach home.
The generous decks, where your inviting sun-loungers are a constant temptation, are a few steps up from the secluded sections of the beach where you can walk straight out into the lapis-lazuli balm of the sea. If you are staying in one of the four Kusi Villas, you could absorb the peace of the ocean from your private hammock rocking in the smiling shade of giant old baobab tree.



If you are on honeymoon, then the Villa Quilalea, set on a cliff-top with breath-taking views over the ocean – the dhows drifting by, pods of dolphins in the waves and, if you are lucky, the spray of a humpback whale – is the ultimate space. It is complete privacy from the sumptuous bedroom, to the infinity pool and down onto the exclusive beach.


Find your favourite spot

The friendly Mozambican staff encourage you to find a favourite spot from which to experience the soothing elixir that is the island. It might be a hammock strung in the shade of a luxuriant island tree; a sun lounger next to the cooling fresh water of main pool with your favourite book; a perch next to the bar in the sunset sipping one of the owner’s personal chateau wines from the Loire valley; the informal lounge where you can stay in touch with the world with free Wi-Fi; or the unique chill-zone with its enormous cushions overlooking the abundant ocean.

The simple yet erudite menu of fresh seafood and local produce can be enjoyed in the open-sided Jelly Fish dining room or even in the privacy of your own section of beach, lit by lanterns, the stars and the silver glow of the moon’s reflection in the sea.

If you need a little extra help to detach from the stresses of your everyday life then a unique Azura African spa treatment will send you into trance of delightful repose either at the main spa or in the privacy of your own villa.

Do your favourite things