Bateleur Camp


On the edge of the Mara Triangle, beneath the Olooloolo Escarpment, Swahili for “zigzag” lies a lush, magical oasis of giant fig and wild ebony trees that is home to an intimate, colonial, Kenyan escape. The sanctuary of comfort, shade, coolness and luxury is a welcome retreat from the heat and wide open spaces of the surrounding savannah. Enquire now and let us plan the ultimate East African Safari for you.

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The ultimate all-round Kenyan experience

Immerse yourself in traditional Maasai culture and learn about it through the staff, the camp naturalist, the interactive Maasai dancing or a visit to the neighbouring Maasai village. Learn about the extraordinary Maasai culture, made up of so many interesting cultural anomalys and unique beliefs. You will be amazed at the stories you will hear. Such an interesting tribe with so much to teach the average Westerner! A stark contrast between gentle kindness and fierce courage, they live happily in their own world, wholly at peace with nature.


Stay on the fringe of the great Mara expanse

Each suite sits with its back to the comforting canopy of tress and opens out onto the golden grasses of the endless Mara plains. The contradiction of the dense wooded area to the wide-open plains is spectacular. A birder’s paradise, the birdsong is endless and fills the air with only the happiest and musical sounds. From lilac breasted rollers, to African emerald cuckoos, to Sambiri barbets, many colourful butterflies and the striking blue Monkeys this tropical paradise is enough entertainment in itself. Go beyond the canopy of trees on an expertly guided game drive or walk and learn more about the intriguing habits of not only the plains game and the big five but also of the birds, insects and other smaller beings they share this beautiful land with.


A leafy canvas showers you with luxury

Recently refurbished with all the latest deluxe comforts Bateleur Camp is even more inviting than it’s ever been before. The two camps of nine suites each, boast polished wooden floors, vintage carpets and exquisite furniture ensuring a stately yet welcoming feel. A cosy central fireplace sits at the heart of the twenties style sitting room, scattered with delicate ivory lamps, substantial tree trunk stools, lanterns, old English portraits, classic suitcases, tartan throw pillows and soft delicate mohair blankets it takes you back to a time of intrepid explorers. Dine outside under the trees as the wind whistles through the leaves, the lions call in the distance and the cicadas and the tree frogs join in to complete the evening symphony.

Each tented suite opens directly onto the plains, completely secluded from the next and at one with the bush around it. A large four-poster bed forms the centre of the luxuriously furnished suites, complete with exquisite wooden finishes, rock walls and warm Maasai colours. It all combines to make sure that you “lala salama” Swahili for sleep well, at one with the abundance of nature that surrounds you! Arise to the sound of your private butler waking you with cups of steaming hot coffee and delicious nibbles to get you ready for yet another day exploring the magical Mara triangle.

In true andBeyond style the staff are attentive, welcoming, polite and willing to go to the ends of the earth to make your stay as memorable as possible.

How to get there:

Both Air Kenya and Safari Link operate two scheduled flights per day from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport. The flights take approximately one hour followed by a 30-minute game drive to Bateleur Camp.