King Lewanika


King Lewanika Camp is situated in the Liuwa Plain area, one of the earliest protected expanses in Africa. Liuwa Plain was first preserved in 1880 by the head of the Lozi people, King Lewanika. His efforts kept the plains unspoilt and exclusive with rare game and a rich natural heritage. Here, on these rolling grasslands, the annual floodwaters promise a congregation of wild beauty whose rhythm imitates that of the royal drums.

The legend of the Liuwa Plain region

Liuwa Plain holds a collection of wonderful stories – our favourite being the legend of Mambeti – in loving memory of the famed lioness, Lady Liuwa. Mambeti was of the Lozi people who lived, died and was buried near to King Lewanika camp. The legend suggests that she was reincarnated into Lady Liuwa, the matriarch of Liuwa’s lion pride. The local people believe that this is why the lioness was so friendly to people and spent so much time in the same woodlands once frequented by the elderly Mambeti.

King Lewanika Rooms

The King Lewanika Villas

If you’re looking for a safari destination that will keep your mobile off and eyes glued to the grassland out ahead – King Lewanika is the perfect place! This is the ultimate luxury safari with 5 villas and 1 family suite with two bedrooms and bathrooms. King Lewanika is the only luxury camp in the entire National Park, ensuring guests have the exclusive use of it. With only 14 guests at any given time, you will feel as if you have Africa all to yourself.

King Lewanika boasts a modern, luxurious design while maintaining its safari authenticity with natural materials, canvas walls, outdoor showers, and elevated decks overlooking the plains. The interior décor offers a sensual appeal with leather finishes, touches of cotton, canvas and natural textiles to complete the design. The villas create an uninterrupted, effortless flow into the vast landscape ahead, allowing guests to experience nature’s beauty in a meaningful way – a constant and natural extension of the villas. The design and décor carries the golden hue of the plains, contrasting against the masculine vintage leather accents and polished metal. Guests can spend afternoons taking in panoramic views or lounge on their private veranda watching birds splash in the lagoon. And as you fall asleep at night, listen for the calls of whooping hyenas in the distance. *All minors accompanying guests must be older than age 5.

King Lewanika - The region offers spectacular photographic opportunities

Unrivalled wildlife sightings

Often described as the photographers dream, the region offers spectacular photographic opportunities. Along with award-winning guides and intimate safari excursions, King Lewanika and the Liuwa Plain offers unrivalled access to incredible wildlife, bird-sightings and wildflower blooms that you will see on any day and night game drives, walking safaris, or bird watching. However, the real magic of Liuwa Plain is the 30 000 – 40 000 wildebeest seen in the area from June when they start their migration from the area around camp to the north of the National Park.  Liuwa Plain is home to Africa’s second biggest wildebeest migration, a growing cheetah population, zebra, lechwe and the famed Lady Liuwa lion pride. And for the avid birders, there are often congregations of up to 330 species of rare birds, or for a more serendipitous memory, look out for clans of up to 50 hyenas interacting at their den.

King Lewanika - Gather after your exciting game drives and swap tales under the stars_

Experience the true essence of African adventure

The unrivalled combination of land and water not only makes for exceptional game viewing and photography, but allows for perhaps the most exciting aspect of safari – the sheer variety of activities on offer. Zambia offers a variety of land and river-based experiences that few other destinations can offer. This wistful region is famous for its seasonal canoeing safaris, boating trips and catch-and-release fishing. Or for those seeking to stay on land, try a scenic helicopter flight, gourmet picnic, or book a high tea.

King Lewanika - Lounge on your private verandah, taking in the panoramic views and watching birds and big game

Day & Night Drives

There’s nothing to compare an encounter with African wildlife during both day and night drives to. King Lewanika’s excellent guides provide a plenty of knowledge to enrich the experience and the abundance of rare wildlife ensures incomparable sightings.


King Lewanika is strictly catch-and-release to preserve all breeds of fish. All equipment is provided, and fishing is suitable for beginners and serious fisherman. Fishing is good year-round, but peaks in October and November during the breeding season.  


A river safari offers a fresh perspective on the breath-taking scenery and wildlife, from predators along the river bank to the diverse birdlife.

Walking Safaris

Become part of the landscape rather than a mere spectator and explore the untamed beauty of the region with our experienced guides at your side.

Canoeing Safaris

Book a canoeing safari to witness the wildlife congregate along the river – a peaceful yet exhilarating experience. Enjoy the abundant wilderness and game viewing while quietly passing through the reeds. Float metres away from big and small game on the river’s edge – a memory you won’t ever to forget!  


If you’re visiting in July or October, you must experience a sleep-out under the stars with only the night-sky and roaming wildlife for company. Experience the thrill of early explorers while camping out.

Getting there:

King Lewanika is a short 15 minute helicopter transfer from Kalabo Airport in the Western Province of Zambia.

When To Go?

King Lewanika is operational from 20 October to 14 July.