Ivory Lodge

Lion Sands

One of only two luxury lodges to flank the impressive banks of the Sabie River, Lion Sands Ivory Lodge stands in luxurious prestige within the family-owned Lions Sands Game Reserve. The reserve is an extraordinary gift passed down through four generations, and straddles magnificent hectares of both the notorious Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve and world-renowned Kruger National Park.

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Lion Sands Ivory Lodge: Iconic Heritage

There is no other property, no other brand who can offer this combination! This enables an endless privilege to explore the hidden corners of these beautiful neighbouring landscapes and makes Lion Sands Game Reserve and Ivory Lodge so uniquely iconic within the luxury safari industry and thus no surprise why it is consistently voted among the world’s best hotels in the world. The founding Chalkley and More families have fortified a conservation heritage over multiple decades, and today Lion Sands is revered as one of South Africa’s premier private game reserves.

Private Villas

Each of the six generous villas is among the most spectacular in the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve and is designed for ultimate privacy and ultra-luxury. Africa’s natural light and cool African zephyrs filter through expansive windows into a voluptuous living area with an open fireplace; into a lavish romantic en-suite bedroom; into a private courtyard with outdoor shower and back out onto a sundeck and private rim-flow pool. The sophisticated mahogany and Afro-chic finishes enhance the warmth and spirit of what it means to visit Lion Sand – to belong. And yet as we peer outwards we are immediately enraptured by the breath taking views out over the Sabie River -capturing the essence of perceived limitless time and place at Ivory Lodge.

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A family tree

A thriving Ivory tree shares shadows and shade with peace-seeking guests on the main deck of the lodge. And although Ivory Lodge was only built in 2004, each living branch of this tree carries with it the heritage of a family’s passion for nature. Suspended from one of the tree’s sturdy limbs are two cocoon-like hanging chairs. We’ll let you in on a Lion Sands secret: spend the late afternoon watching the hue of lush caterpillar green scenery metamorphose into a butterfly sky. An African sunset is awash with pastel strokes and with a glass of bubbles in hand, it is nothing short of dreamy.

Lions Sands Ivory Lodge Lounge Interior 2 Iconic Africa Luxury Safaris

The Finer Things in Life

The height of luxury at Lion Sands Ivory Lodge is flawless. A team of delightful hosts will take care of you from dawn until dusk and nothing pleases the team more than seeing you enjoy the lodge as if it were your own home … only better. Ivory Lodge boasts extraordinary cuisine made especially unique with an African twist. The a la carte dinner menu changes daily depending on the mood of the chef and allows guests to experience an explosion of flavours.

Ivory Lodge Lions Sands Tree House Experience