A New Look for Mombo Camp

Mombo Camp, voted World’s number one several times, along with Little Mombo re-opened in January 2018 – a month earlier than anticipated! Wilderness Safari’s flagship camp situated in the famous Okavango Delta has been rebuilt to comprise of sustainable luxury while remaining rooted in cultural authenticity. The purpose of the new design was to maintain the original Mombo traditions and history that stretches back nearly 30 years. The new concept also celebrates and keeps in mind the purpose of conservation – with the camp’s greatest success being the reintroduction of black and white rhinos into Botswana’s wilderness areas.

Mombo Concessions has been recognised as “the Place of Plenty”, and for good reason! Located on Chief’s Island within the Moremi Game Reserve, Mombo Camp and Little Mombo attracts a large number of variety of wildlife – one of the best areas in Africa – making it a top travel destination. The area is home to large game, small animals and predators which can be viewed from Mombo’s terraces all year round.

Guests are accommodated in 8 large tented suites and 1 family room elevated above the ground, so that those panoramic views of the floodplain, wildlife and sunsets can be enjoyed from the balconies. And not forgetting the pool deck with your private plunge pool affording equally beautiful views.

The newly revamped Mombo camps will now deliver world-class services and unforgettable truly-African safari experiences while upholding their values of appropriate and sustainable luxury. Not only does Mombo Concessions share the environment with the wildlife, they honour the natural environment where these camps are located by implementing sustainable tourism through solar powered operations and continuing their objective of having a lesser human footprint.

Wilderness Safaris COO, Grant Woodrow has reassured our green travellers that each tented suite has been rebuilt in the exact same position as the old accommodations to maintain the same footprint. The tented suites have not expanded laterally into the plains but rather outwards towards the floodplain to ensure the preservation of surrounding trees and habitats.

While basking in sustainable luxury, the camps remain rooted in traditional African bush offerings ensuring that the personality of Mombo is not lost but enhanced.

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