A Truly African Christmas with Candiss Diamondis

Candiss Diamondis, a Zimbabwean veterinarian, children’s book author and illustrator combines her love of science, nature and art to create beautiful works-of-art that… In preparation for a truly African Christmas, she has illustrated the types of personalities at Christmas depicted by various African wildlife.

The Caroler – all through December and well into January, the jolly caroler hums, sings and whistles the Christmas classics. Sure to get you in the Christmas mood, he may also start to annoy you by the time New Year rolls around!

The Festive Foodie binges for the month leading up to Christmas, and a good few days afterwards. Everything just tastes that much better with a sprinkle of Christmas magic on top.

The Oversleeper – all these festivities are quite exhausting, and by the time Christmas morning arrives, she has overslept and missed most of the excitement. She’ll make up for it though!

The Grinch – we all know at least one! The Grinch is grumpy about all things Christmas, particularly all the festive cheer. Maybe this year, the Christmas spirit will capture him and he’ll find out how wonderful Christmas can be.

The Misplaced Elf is over-excited about everything in the build-up to Christmas Day – the decorations, the preparations, the carols, the gifting, Santa, and aaaaall the tinsel.

The Drunken Santa – fueled with Christmas cheer and all the beer, he’s the free entertainment every year.

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