Matt Yardley Returns

We are thrilled to introduce to you another wildlife photographer who has a way with a camera! Photography guide, safari guide and expedition leader, @mattyardleyphotography has brought some of Africa’s wildest moments to our screens… We bring you our third instalment of breathtaking images from this talented artist. Follow us on Instagram @iconicafrica to see more of his world-class wildlife photography…

Image Name: “Fear no Evil”
Caption: A male cheetah stares down the camera lens as he walks with total confidence in his killer instinct.
Explanation: This male cheetah was on a daily mission marking his male territory and he locked eyes with the camera as he walked towards us in the grasslands of Northern KZN.

Image Name: “You’ll Never Walk Alone”
Caption: A young elephant walks across an African plain with its family.
Explanation: This young elephant bull was full of confidence and personality, as he travelled in safety surrounded by the support of his family.

Image Name: “Cats on Thrones”
Caption: A male cheetah scans his territory from his throne made of a broken Euphorbia tree!
Explanation: This male cheetah was on the hunt and to get a better view of his hunting territory he had to climb this broken Euphorbia tree – this also enabled him to keep an eye out for any other encroaching males!

Image Name: “Unity”
Caption: Two elephants link tusks and trunks in unity.
Explanation: These two elephants were playing with each other and in a perfect moment of symmetry, they locked tusks and trunks in a very intimate display of affection.

Image Name: “Reflections”
Caption: Lioness has a leisurely drink at a waterhole as her mirror image reflects back at her from below.
Explanation: We waited at this waterhole and were rewarded by the arrival of this lioness; the moonlight showed a beautiful reflection of her off the water whilst she drank in the peaceful coolness of an evening in the African bush.