Don’t be scared to travel, just be wise when you do!

The tourism industry is seeing the light at the end of this very long tunnel and many of our destinations are finally able to reopen their doors. However, we completely understand that under the current climate, many fervent travellers are reluctant or nervous to book or to travel. This is human nature considering how our world has been turned upside down in a matter of months.

The good news is that establishments now have updated COVID-terms and while we strongly encourage people to continue with their travel plans or to make new travel plans, just ask for information on the COVID regulations to set your mind at ease and inform you of the current situation.

These last few months have changed the way people will travel for a long time. At Iconic Africa, we have done everything we can to accommodate our travellers over this time. Instead of cancelling all of your holiday plans, chat with us and we will do our best to postpone them until you are feeling comfortable to visit us. As airports, hotels, restaurants and recreational facilities improve their social distance and cleaning policies we look forward to the tourism industry opening up even more than it has already and welcoming foreigners to our shores once again.

All of Iconic Africa’s operators are fully aware of the effects of this pandemic and the importance of following health and safety regulations. They are fully prepared and equipped for both international and domestic travellers coming to South Africa and have been extremely accommodating with their booking and postponement terms. This will continue as long as COVID remains an officially regulated threat.

All suppliers have their own specific terms and conditions for bookings and cancellations during this time. Please ask us for more information on this when enquiring. What you can expect is online check-ins, use of QR codes, mobile scans, temperature recording and contact tracing, mandatory mask-wearing, decontamination of surfaces and applicable social distancing.

As mentioned, the specific terms and conditions along with cancellation terms vary from one establishment to another and they also change frequently due to the changing status of the pandemic and the Level we find ourselves in. The cancellation policies will be in place until international travel opens up and we readily welcome our foreign family back to African soil. It is both our and the various suppliers we deal with standard requirement that you have travel insurance in place when making a booking. Once South Africa enters Level 1, operators will be reverting back to standard terms and conditions and non-refundable deposits and cancellation policies will once again apply. We, therefore, please urge you to get yourself covered with good travel insurance for peace of mind.

Together we can assist destinations and businesses that depend on tourism to recover. One of our experienced and trusted advisors can guide you through the unchartered territories of travelling in this new world. We are here to help so please be in touch.

Luxury Golf And Wine Tour South Africa Fancourt

Value Golf And Wine Tour South Africa Marine View

For now, we have to co-exist with the virus, and if you’ve been bitten by the travel bug we will get you ready for new ways of planning and travelling in the weeks ahead. Click HERE for some do’s and don’ts when travelling post-lockdown and some insights on the new travel norms. Always remember to exercise extra caution and strict obedience of the rules such as physical distancing, mask-wearing and vigorous handwashing.

Once you are over those few tiny hurdles… enjoy the magic of Africa and the soul-filling sensation of safari!

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