Getting to know Mozambique:

Mozambique is a unique African country offering isolated island living, tropical luxury, wilderness and romance. Most travellers head straight to the unblemished African beaches for diving escapes, swimming with dolphins and relaxing on long, palm-fringed beaches with turquoise waters.

But most guests forget that the countryside and city centre is brimming with fresh markets, rich historical architecture and cultural experiences that include spice trading and home-grown nuts and cotton; not forgetting the kind local people waiting to make you feel welcome.

Mozambique is primarily a savanna plateau exhausted by the mighty Limpopo and Zambezi Rivers. The warm tropical climate is conducive to plenty of rain and makes it a year-round holiday destination.

One of the many incentives of this magical country is its proximity to South Africa, a short hour or two’s flight from Johannesburg.

To visit the Quirimbas or Bazaruto Archipelago’s, you’ll sometimes need to overnight in Maputo. The capital of Mozambique is a vibrant and colourful city. The streets are lined with makeshift stalls and impromptu markets. Contrasting colonial buildings and modern office blocks are unsystematically arranged along the busy roads. Travellers are immersed in the hustle and bustle of vendors serving fresh crab curry or piri piri chicken.

The official language is Portuguese and spoken by 50.3% of the population. The two main religions of the region is Christianity and Islam. The customary greeting is to shake hands and not accepting a food or beverage offering is considered offensive.

The most revered element of Mozambique tourism is the marine life.

Iconic Africa Swim With Dolphins Mozambique

On most of the islands the marine life is untouched, producing superb scuba-diving expeditions on the coasts. Shallow reefs house a kaleidoscope of neon-bright fish and further out, guests can encounter rays, sharks and three species of turtles. If you have time, venture down the rich waters of the Mozambique Channel to find the harmless whale sharks, game-fish, dolphins and a population of rare sea-cows.

Ocean Safaris Mozambique Zanzibar Turtle Iconic Africa

The marine life around Mozambique’s more secluded islands is unmatched; both the Bazaruto and Quirimbas archipelagos are outlined with beautiful reefs. Most lodges have dive centres and offer short ‘resort courses’. Swimming with dolphins and deep-sea diving are adventures you can experience at some of our exquisite Mozambique destinations.

Iconic Africa Swim With Dolphins Mozambique

If the wanderlust bug has begun to make its presence into your thoughts, allow Mozambique to fill that adventurous void. Mozambique displays an incomparable beauty and affords the most spectacular and unique activities. Here are some of our favourite magical Mozambican destinations.

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