Getting to Know Victoria Falls

If you’re having an internal battle deciding on whether to visit Zambia or Zimbabwe, don’t fret! Either way, you will witness and experience the great Victoria Falls, and that’s what will make your trip that much more special and memorable! So if you’re staying at Tongabezi Safari Lodge, Victoria Falls Hotel, Royal Chundu, the Royal Livingstone Hotel  or Elephant camp – you will hear and see why this Natural Wonder of the World is known as ‘The Smoke That Thunders’.

Mosi oa-Tunya was first discovered by foreigners in 1855. It is almost perfectly positioned along the mighty Zambezi River! You’ll find this mist-creating phenomenon half way along the 2700 km river from its source to the sea. David Livingstone stood upon what is now known as Livingstone Island in 1855, a small outcrop of land at the edge of the Falls, in Livingstone, Zambia to view the falls.

The sheet of water is 1,708 metres wide and 108 metres high. Despite it being the largest curtain of falling water on earth, it is neither the highest nor the widest. However, it is one and a half times wider than Niagra Falls and twice as high.

Elephant Camp Vic Falls Safari

The best time to visit Victoria Falls is between March and June. Throughout these months the falls is in peak flow. Unfortunately, if you also want to experience the Devils Pool, it will be closed during this time.

If you’re more inclined for an adventure than some R&R, visit between August and December when the water is low and white-water rafting is at its best. Or make your way from July to October for great wildlife safaris when the bush is dry and the animals congregate around fewer waterholes.

Did you know:

Without the Zambezi River, the falls would not exist?

Every minute, over 5 million cubic metres of water pour over the falls?

Sunset at Victoria Falls is a magical site… Look out for that full moon as the light from the moon refracts off the sprays, creating a rainbow, except at night! The spectacle lasts from sunset to sunrise.

On the Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls lies The Victoria Falls Rainforest. This special place is the only place on earth where it rains all day, every day; a direct result of the water vapour rising from the falls.

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