Hand-picked images of Essque Zalu

An hour drive from Zanzibar airport and a short distance away from the village of Nungwi lies Essque Zalu – marking the northern tip of Zanzibar. One of four Indian Ocean islands, Zanzibar boasts sparkling turquoise waters on one side of the coastline and lush green forests to the other.

Essque Zalu is an intimate boutique accommodation nestled in a natural cove. This destination is unmatched in beauty and is dreamlike in its character. Unless you are standing on the other side of that giant Baobab tree in person, it is difficult to imagine an ocean and sky that’s colour blends so perfectly it becomes one or sounds so calming it can lull you to sleep.

But before you have the chance to lose track of time, Essque Zulu’s anterior makes a striking first impression. Before you approach the hotel building you will find the extravagant front gate with cut-out artwork inspired by the French painter Matisse. And if the two abstract nude figures didn’t catch your attention then maybe the enormous all-encompassing roof will! The reception building has the highest Makuti-styled roof in Zanzibar created from braided palm leaves. It towers over the front court yard that receives guests and is the first sign of island living and gives you the feeling that you have reached and become a part of a true Tanzanian village.

Enter through the beautifully carved white-washed door frame and experience an Alice-in-wonderland moment as you pass in to a communal area so massive it will take you a moment to take it all in. After entering the double doorway, you are greeted by modern, minimalist décor with an African touch that makes the far-reaching reception feel less immense and more homely.

The expansive lobby covered in beautiful sandstone tiles displays unconventional architecture that draws on the theme of the ocean. The curved walls lead to a seating area with minimal furniture to emphasise the sheer enormity of the space and cues the interleading pool area with magnificent views of the endless blue ocean. A theme that reoccurs here is the infiniteness of nature, space and architecture and how they work together to create a sense of calm, comfort and ease. With all lines flowing and colours blending, all that jars is the giant baobab tree that stands tall and gracefully between the guests and the crystal waters.

Imagine walking past the Baobab tree to the scenic jetty that stretches out over the water of 50 different shades of blue depending from which direction you look at it. At the oceans extremities you can lay back and listen to the sound of the waves below.

Or resting in the master bedroom on the handcrafted four-poster bed with crisp white linens and drapes with the faint sound of moving water while you look over at the luscious garden…

Daydream no more… let us make this a reality for you right now!


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