Iconic Africa Bush Diaries #13

Presenting Iconic Africa Bush Diary Episode #13 “The End of Summer,” filmed by James Hendry.

Watch as the zebras graze, the lion cubs romp, the elephants browse, the leopards survey the land and the hyenas nurture and cuddle their cubs. Let this clip wash over you with the passion, beauty and magic that is the African bushveld! May it brighten your day wherever in the world it finds you.

Just in case you last months video, click here for Iconic Africa Bush Diary Episode #12 “Water Comes to the Kruger,” filmed by old friend, talented filmmaker and intrepid game ranger, James Hendry.

Watch as the impalas graze, the elephants bathe and dunk in the river, the leopards groom, the cheetahs stalk their prey and so much as the Kruger comes to life with the much-needed rains.

Click here to learn more about James Hendry the safari guide in our interview with him.

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