Iconic Africa Bush Diary Episode #11

Presenting Iconic Africa Bush Diary Episode #11 “A Kruger New Year,” filmed by the talented Safarilive filmmaker, James Hendry.

We hope that this incredible, slow motion footage of the lush, green bushveld transports you away from your daily toils for even just a few brief moments. Watch as the impala frolic, the cheetah stalk, the kudus forage, the lion cubs feed, the leopard sleeps and the sun sinks below the horizon!

Just in case you missed the bumper edition video – “Kruger 2016, A Year in Review,” click here. This one showcases the highlights of 2016 including: lion cubs cuddling, buffalos wallowing, wild dogs nibbling, elephants cooling down, leopards mating, a curious hyena pup and so much more!

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