Iconic Africa Bush Diary Episode #18

Presenting Iconic Africa Bush Diary Episode #18 “Mara, August 2017” filmed by James Hendry of Safarilive.

Watch as James shares with us his incredible photographs, some bright and full of colour and others in simply stunning in black and white. He’s captured the big blue skies, the wide open spaces, the absolute abundance and the pure magic of the Mara in every single shot.  Watch as the wildebeest make the great trek, the zebras join in, the giraffes stroll through the savannah, the elephants amble along, the vultures scramble over a kill and so much more…. here:

Just in case you missed last month’s episode, #17  “The Bountiful Herds,” also filmed by @jamesrahendry of #safarilive click here to view.

We hope that these exquisite images of Africa and its wildlife instil in you a wish and a desire visit this exquisite continent once again. The land where time stands still, where antelope roam free, where sunsets set the sky on fire… is right here, waiting for you.  #Africa #bigfive #luxury #wildlife #safari

Click here to learn more about James Hendry, the safari guide in our interview with him.

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