James Hendry is Now Married

We’re back with the follow-up to our most loved blog – Is James Hendry married? Unfortunately (for his die-hard fans), our dear friend, ranger and Wild Earth-star is now married. Iconic Africa catches up with him about his better half, his beautiful wedding and life in the bush during lockdown. Scroll down to see what he has to say and don’t forget to catch him on his live safaris here.

Q: Can you tell us who the lucky lady is?
A: Lucky is an entirely subjective term. The poor girl Who has acquiesced to hanging around me until one of us shuffles off this mortal coil, is Kirsten Hendry (née McLennan-Smith).

Q: Where did you meet her?
A: She was a director of the wild earth shows and as such used to be in my ear more or less permanently. This was excellent preparation for marriage.

Q: Where did you have your wedding?
A: At a place in the KZN midlands called Brahman Hills…there were many cattle and much fun was had by all except my nephew and mother in law who got gastrio but that’s not a story for here.

Q: What was it like?
A: Terrifying, wonderful, permanent

Q: Can you give us an update on what you are doing now?
A: We (my good wife and I) are trying to create and sell wildlife shows with a humorous bent to broadcasters. Mostly I’m trying to keep my wife sweet (she is a redhead so I must tread carefully)

Q: Tell us a little about the Wild Earth journey over the last 3 months?
A: Lockdown WildEarth was an extraordinary honour…being part of the show during this unprecedented human crisis felt important because we were taking the healing power of nature into peoples homes. This is the fIrst time in history that the human species as a whole has faced the same immediate threat. I think people took comfort from the unchanging ways of nature…perhaps made them see that ‘this too shall pass’

Q: What was your best sighting during this time?
A: An elephant sighting one Sunday afternoon where a young bull spent ten minutes feeding just 2 meters from me. He was so close I couldn’t take a picture. He was so relaxed that it brought tears to my eyes…his inviting me into his space was profound.

Q: Are there any other dashing guides that your fans should keep an eye out for?
A: No. I will become jealous.

Q: Any tips for your fans who are really missing the bush right now?
A: Watch WildEarth…I’ll be back on the 21st of June. Go into the Garden and watch the birds…there is a whole wilderness suspended above our cities in the trees. Appreciate the indomitable spirit of the grass pushing through the pavement or the gecko on your wall.

Q: Where to next for James Hendry?
A: You’ll have to ask my wife.

If you’d like to see more of him… and his work, visit his Instagram and Facebook pages 🙂

14 thoughts on “James Hendry is Now Married

  1. Thank you James, always wonderful to hear or read your gift of communication.. May you both have a life filled with much love and adventure!

  2. Lovely couple surely none other has been sent blessings so dearly from around the world. I am happy for the two of them finding each other!

  3. Congratulations ?❤️??

    Welcome back ??

    You keep my family & I sane twice daily – thsnk you ??

    We love your humour ??

  4. james hendry is just the best guide ever,,,,, he kept us so entertained on the lockdown,,,,,,, had us in tears laughing at him and his ways,,,,,,, made us forget all of our problems during the drives,,,,,i like all of the guides, but have to admit james is the best, most entertaining,,,,,,,,, i would be lost if he ever left wildearth and guiding,,,,,,,,,

  5. Love the article James (and the humourous answers as well)! Wishing you & Kirst all the best in the life. Next step baby Hendry’s ;-).

  6. Loved the Q&A’s
    James Hendry is an awesome Safari guide. Love seeing him with Wild Earth..
    Kirsten is beautiful.
    I hope they have a long and wonderful life together!

  7. I’m so happy for you and Kirsten. I watched the wedding with tears in my eyes. I’ve been so grateful to you and WE for the unprecedented invitation to the wild and it has been a place of solace for me for a few years now. I loved your honeymoon series. I tuned in to Reggie and me readings. I am thrilled to be along for your journey so to speak 🙂 Your love story is amazing and I know laughter and adventure will be the north star of your life together. Bless you both!

  8. Wonderful you two are the perfect couple , your wedding was amazing and it’s even more wonderful that we all got to share it with you it was truly beautiful .I wish you so much happiness and great adventures . 🙂

  9. It was an honor to attend the wedding virtually, and live. I had the pleasure to meet James in Jan ’19 at Djuma on the first ever Wild Earth Expedition. Afterward Kirsty welcomed my daughter and me to the studio in JBurg and let us “hang out” with the production crew………what a pleasure. I am so happy for the newlyweds, their pictures make my heart smile.

  10. Ive just ‘luckily’ caught one of your programs on Freeview 91 wildearth. it took me a about 10 seconds to realise it was humerus, and omg i loved it, i love wildlife programs but along with that i love a certain type of humor….and i love your type of humor, its not a common type of humor but it is the best. i cant describe it but im so glad i have found you, im going to search for more of your programs, i hope there are more? and btw happy marriage, she is a lucky lady and you are an even luckier man 🙂

  11. Not a question he can’t answer … amazing James! What a wealth of knowledge, what a command of English, what a crazy-beautiful sense of humour, what a tremendous passion for our Earth and all her wonders, we are extremely fortunate to have you in our living room most evenings James. Thank you!

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