Our Top 5 Stories from the Londolozi Blog

It’s no secret that Londolozi is one of our favourite safari destinations in South Africa.

Everyone is drawn to this place and when we say everyone we mean it. Both those who call it home and those who travel across continents to experience Londolozi with their own eyes, their own minds and, of course with their own hearts.


Londolozi is a feeling! Of course, Londolozi’s absolute luxury goes without saying… but it is just so much more than that! Here are our Top 5 Londolozi stories, with an excerpt from each and a link for the full story – to give you just a small taster of the magic that awaits you there!

A big thank you to the incredible Londolozi rangers and content writers for these awesome stories. We look forward to many more.

1.Lioness Kills Buffalo in Front of Varty Camp

“Moving to the front of the crowd, I couldn’t believe my eyes, as there were the two Tsalala lionesses just having brought down the buffalo cow I had seen before heading to the car park. The cow was on her side and still struggling, while the lionesses attempted to subdue her…” Click here for what followed:

2.Londolozi’s Hidden Moments

“From guests, through rangers and trackers, to the back line staff and extended Londolozi Family happiness is a shared resource which supplements life. Enjoyment not only arises from seeing something amazing, for example, but witnessing someone else seeing something amazing and being a part of their memorable experience.”

Click here for a small collection of somewhat candid moments which may bring back memories of happy experiences for staff and guests alike.


3. How to Improve Your Photography using the ABC’s 

“As wildlife photographers we need to be prepared for every situation and more often than not, half the battle is understanding our cameras and being able to adapt and change our settings at the blink of an eye. Faced with so many external elements we cannot control, we need to ensure that we are equipped with the right knowledge and understanding of those aspects that we do have control over so that we can best prepare ourselves for any challenges that comes our way.
Click here for an explanation of the ABC’s of photography.”



4. Lioness Survives Attack from Clan of Hyenas

“A single lioness was surrounded by over twenty hyenas who were circling and intimidating her. At first she crouched low to the ground, growling and readying herself, making sure hyenas didn’t circle round to the back of her where she couldn’t defend herself. It was incredibly intense and we all sat with baited breath because we knew just how dire her situation was. Should some of the hyenas manage to grab hold of her, there was no way she would have been able to fend off the entire clan.” Here’s what followed:

5. Rhinos Save Buffalos from Lions

“Suddenly there was an explosion of dust and speed and the lions were off! Moments later the lions emerged from the river bed chasing a buffalo bull who was doing his best to evade the onslaught of nine lions.After chasing for some time, the buffalo moved into an open clearing, where he was forced to continuously spin around in circles in an attempt to face his attackers head on. Despite the efforts of the lions, the buffalo bull managed to escape and seek refuge in the most unusual of ways…” Here’s how:





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