Shipping South African Wine Back Home 

If you’re heading to South Africa on a romantic wine tasting tour of the gorgeous vineyards, the magic doesn’t have to end at your departure. Return home with boutique bottles of white wine: Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc or Chardonnay; or perhaps Cabernet Sauvignon or a Bordeaux Blend. 

Before arriving in South Africa, find out from each vineyard you plan on visiting if they courier wines overseas. When shipping liquid gold such as fine wines, you need a solid partner to rely on to make sure your precious cargo arrives back home in tip-top shape. This way you’ll know which one to buy from and in most cases, it will be best to take it from the last vineyard you visit (especially if they can ship it home for you). 

Most Vineyards and estates are committed to finding you the best temperature-controlled end-to-end transport solutions. If the winery doesn’t have their own distribution system, perhaps they have a trader in the U.S. or U.K. 

Keep in mind that if the wineries you visit do not ship, and have no international traders, you can put it in cargo on your flight. Check the recommendations for transporting wine back home with the vintner and if the airline can accommodate this. Remember to check the shipping/customs/duty costs for small (unaccompanied) quantities. 

Alternatively, if you don’t want to ship from multiple vineyards (as some may ship their wine only), you can visit the duty-free shopping on Cape Town or Johannesburg Airport. You’ll find a good selection of quality South African wines. If you want to carry this back home per the duty-free liquor allowance, inquire about the TSA guidelines regarding alcohol limitations in checked-in luggage. 

*Check to see if each bottle is under 24% alcohol by volume. 

If you haven’t found the perfect bottle of wine to take home for yourself or as the perfect gift, or want to avoid a logistical nightmare, visit online wine stores that ship overseas such as SA Wines Online or Southern Wines

South Africa is particularly proud of its local wines. With a growing wine industry that attracts visitors from around the world, the number and quality of wines keep increasing and is made available at restaurants and safari lodges all over the country. This not only means you can try it wherever you go on your safari, but your favourite may not be from a particular vineyard you visit, and you can buy it anywhere along the way if you find that the vendor ships across continents. The hosts will be more than happy to help you find wine merchants who import their wine or are carriers. 

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