The Mighty Zambezi

Affectionately referred to as the “river of life”, the Zambezi River is the fourth longest river in Africa, and runs through six countries before entering the Indian Ocean. The river starts almost 1500 metres above sea level near the border of Zambia and supports thousands of people and wildlife in Zambia, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. This river is majestic and even spiritual to many, especially to the communities that live alongside it.

In addition to its multifaceted benefits, the much undiscovered river is also a major tourist attraction. Every year thousands of tourists are drawn to this spectacle to partake in a variety of different activities from the less eccentric to hard core adrenaline junkies.

There is a lot to do around and on the Zambezi River. We have picked some of the top activities to truly experience this natural wonder – from relaxing to thrill-seeking, there is something for everyone:

Devil’s Pool 

Enjoy a seasonal dip in Devil’s Pool on the very edge of Victoria Falls accompanied by a lovely picnic.

White water rafting 

The Zambezi River is known for having some of the wildest rapids, making this one of the best one-day white water trips available in the world.

River surfing 

Have you ever surfed on a river? Add this to your bucket-list and river board on the same section of water as the white-water rafting.

Speed boating 

If your idea of a boat ride is at a moderate pace along calm waters, then redefine the experiencewith jet-boating. A powerful jet boat that can carry up to 11 passengers carries you through the white water rapids at an exhilarating speed.

Lower Zambezi canoe safari

Connect with nature in a unique way with a more relaxed boat experience. Book a canoe safari on the lower Zambezi River and keep an eye out for wildlife frequenting the banks such as elephants, buffalo, hippo and crocodiles.

Bungee jumping 

Close your eyes and plunge 111 metres off the Victoria Falls bridge. If this will get your heart racing too fast, try the Gorge Swing or Rap jump further down.


For both serious fisherman and beginners, the Zambezi River houses an abundance of fish life such as tiger fish, bream, Cornish Jack and so much more.

Sunset cruise

Another popular family activity and quintessential experience is a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River. This relaxing voyage provides plenty of opportunities for game viewing, backlit by the fiery African sun.

The Elephant Café

Not your typical bucket-list activity, but it should be on that list anyway! The exclusive Elephant Café was named Zambia’s best new restaurant of 2016. The Elephant Café is home to a herd of rescued elephants that you can meet and greet before finding your seat. And to top it off… the David Livingstone Safari Lodge and Victoria Falls Waterfront resort offer transport to the restaurant by speed boat, which makes the experience even more memorable.

The Gorge and Boiling Point Hike

Last but not least, is one of the most challenging activities, the Gorge and Boiling Point hike. Experience the Zambezi River from above and below on this picturesque triathlon that involves hiking, rafting and swimming between August and December. You will begin hiking down the 110-metre Batoka Gorge, at which point you will raft along the river, and continue until the base of the Victoria Falls.

This activity is not recommended for the faint-hearted.

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