Top 5 #safarilive Moments

Are you feeling miles away from the beautiful African bushveld? Do you miss the smell of the rain in the distance… the sound of the cicada symphony in the evening or the lion calls at night? Well we’ve got just the thing for you.

Great friend James Hendry and his #safarilive team bring live safari’s to you – wherever in the world you are. So why not jump on the game vehicle right now and join a LIVE African Safari here. Or scroll down for #safarilive’s 5 top encounters of 2017 so far.

A massive thank you to James and the team for sharing all these wonderful moments of our incredible African wildlife with us.


  1. Sleepy lion cub

2. The Hyena Hierarchy

3. Baby Ellie

4. Leopard takes the plunge for lunch

5.New addition to the pride

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