Toula’s Traveller Review

Toula Cassen has returned from a wonderful African trip and had a terrific time. We’ve shared her experience and beautiful pictures with you here:

Where did you travel to?

I visited the Mara region of Kenya with a couple of stop overs in Nairobi, Livingstone in Zambia, Chobe and the Delta in Botswana

What made you want to visit Africa?

I have wanted to go for a decade but life kept getting in the way. So in 2018 the time was finally right!!

Which was your favourite lodge and why?

They were all fabulous but Rekero was my favourite and most dear because it was my first and the sense of intimacy and the community that was created there was very special… I felt as if I was part of an exclusive club!

Which did you prefer – the Masai Mara or the Okavango and why?

I loved both equally but for different reasons. I think the Mara represented a vastness and a majestic quality that certainly got the adrenalin going whereas the Delta was more subtle and sublime. Here the animals were not on show – you had to take the time and perseverance to find them. The delta was more about detail. In a nutshell, one was the big picture and the other was the specific.

If you could describe Africa to someone who’s never been there what would you say?

It’s extraordinary! The wildlife and the terrain attack and trigger all the senses. You sometimes smell or hear before you see – Africa is like a reboot of your senses in that way. You are constantly reminded in a primal way that you are not the only one or the only way on this earth.

What was your most unforgettable moment?

Undoubtedly the crossing of the wildebeest over the Mara river. I will never forget the thunderous sound, the dust and the energy.

What did you love most about the safari experience?

Looking into the eyes of the wild; all the fascinating people I met; the plains; the heat; the sounds; the sunsets; and the colour gold.

What is your favourite animal to see in the wild and why?

The lions on the hunt was exhilarating; I also enjoyed seeing the birds in flight and the wildlife families doing their thing. Also the wildebeest in their numbers, and the solitary giraffe.

What was the best sighting of your trip?

The thunder and storm that is the wildebeest.

Where in Africa would you like to go next?

I definitely want to see the dunes of Namibia, the gorillas of Rwanda, and Mozambique.  

A big thank you to Toula for taking the time to share the above with us. We hope to have you back on African soil soon.

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