White Pearl: an Idyllic Mozambique Beach Getaway

While it’s the more famous Indian Ocean islands like the Seychelles, Maldives and Mauritius that have traditionally stolen the limelight, it is the white sand beaches along Mozambique’s southern coast that are shooting to prominence in the international travel space.
Long revered by South African vacationers as the perfect beach getaway, Mozambique has caught the attention of the overseas market, and offers a bit of something for everyone craving a getaway by the sea.
Whether it’s surfing, scuba diving or simply lounging on the white sand that you’re after, there is something for you, and White Pearl at Ponta Mamoli offers the perfect space in which to immerse yourself into the best of what this magical country has to offer.

Built in 2011, White Pearl is best described as laid-back beachside chic.
Set on stilts and nestled in the lush vegetation of the coastal dunes, the resort is tucked away in a sheltered bay, mere metres from the warm, azure waters of the Indian Ocean.
The beaches here are untouched, and the waters offshore abound with life. Coral reefs play host to a stunning array of tropical marine life, and dolphins are regularly viewed from the deck of the lodge. During the Humpback whale migration from July to November, it is almost impossible to look seawards without seeing at least one of these behemoths of the deep breaching in a spectacular display.

The resort itself features 22 luxurious suites which have been sensitively designed to take advantage of their beautiful natural setting. Subtly blending into their bush surroundings, the chalets all feature magnificent views of the ocean, whose lapping waves serve as a constant background accompaniment.
Your very own plunge cool provides a wonderful place to cool off and rinse the salt of the ocean away before heading down to a sumptuous dinner, much of it delicious seafood, sustainably sourced of course.
Your personal butler will take care of your every need, and if you need to feel even more relaxed than you are pretty much guaranteed to be at White Pearl, massage therapists are standing by to offer massages as well as a variety of other spa treatments.

For those looking for an eco-adventure, the Maputo Special Reserve is only a short distance away, and morning excursions to this magnificent park will give one a broader exposure to and understanding of the unique bush-beach habitat merging to be found in the area. The elephants that populate the park may also put in an appearance, as experienced rangers know the spots they frequent at different times of the year.

Mozambique offers a superb beach holiday option, particularly for those who want to add it to the tail end of a safari. With major safari destinations being so close in South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe, the beach-bush combo is the perfect getaway for a family, and more particularly a honeymoon couple.

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  1. My wife and I are interested in planning a trip there. Please provide information on length of stay, pricing, etc.
    We presently have an upcoming trip with Iconic Africa in November this year.
    Thanks for your time,
    Mark/Denise Race

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