Why We Love Private Game Reserves

If you are planning a once-in-a-lifetime African safari and are looking for exclusivity and freedom and a unique safari adventure, we would recommend booking in a private game reserve.

Because there are fewer safari tours that take place in private game reserves, guests are allowed to freely explore the African wilderness. You are offered the opportunity to escape from the crowds that are associated with the larger National Parks and this means that guests can experience the true African bushveld and won’t have to share their wildlife sightings with other vehicles.

Private game reserves guarantee no “traffic jams” because the number of vehicles that can be present at a game sighting is restricted to two or three cars which means that not only are you ensured the ultimate game viewing experience, you won’t have other vehicles photobombing your best wildlife photographs!

Game viewing vehicles in private reserves can drive off-road to allow guests to search for big cats or to track specific animals. Private game reserves don’t have hours of operation like National Parks so guests are given an exclusive opportunity to experience an exhilarating night drive, showing you all the nocturnal game you wouldn’t get to see during the day.

You get to see amazing animal interactions that often occur out of sight of main roads and because the rangers are not restricted to national park hours, your game drive can last much longer and you can stay as long as your ranger will allow on a sighting.

Game drives are not restricted to certain times and to certain roads and the open-top vehicles give you the best panoramic view of the area.

You can enjoy bush walks and your guide or ranger will help you get those extremely up-close and personal pics of wildlife.

‘Traversing rights’ will allow your ranger to take you onto neighbouring land to expand your wildlife sightings with more biodiversity to explore.

It’s all in the name…if you’re after privacy, this is what you can expect to get in a private game reserve. Not only will you feel like you have the entire continent to yourself, but you can also experience Africa’s wilderness in a more authentic fashion, where you see Africa’s animals in their natural environment, undisturbed by the vehicles around them.

King Lewanika - Lounge on your private verandah, taking in the panoramic views and watching birds and big game

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