10 reasons why you should go on a walking safari

Hooting cars fade into barking baboons, the distant hum of traffic turns into silence across grasslands and the tapping of a passer-by fades into the rhythmic crunch of gravel. The sights and sounds of the African bushveld are best explored on foot with a passionate guide. 

Here’s 10 reasons why you should go on a walking safari. 

Walk where the wild things are

See the bush from an animal’s eyes and weave beneath lush canopies of trees alongside enchanting riverbeds.

Up close and personal

Wind along the foot paths of animals, photograph vibrant blooms amongst wild grasses, and learn the complex stories behind rhino middens.

Find peace 

Find a peaceful rhythm as you walk beyond the veil of mopane trees, and break with a steamy, frothy coffee and home baked rusks as you breathe in the serenity of the wind. 

Better birding views

If birding is your game, there is no beating a walking tour. Check off more birds on your list than imagined with better sightings on foot. 

European Roller Walking Safaris Birds Iconic Africa

Teachings by experts

Learn from an expert guide every step of the way. Give right of way to a rolling dung beetle or learn the meaning behind a rubbing stone polished over centuries.


Off the beaten track 

Explore the wilderness with your own guide, away from people and the hustle and bustle of viewing vehicles along the main road. 

Marataba Trails Lodge Walking Safaris

Find relaxation amongst wildlife 

Find peace whilst sitting on high peaks overlooking breath-taking valleys at Pafuri or swimming amongst boulders in a rockpool, with offerings of fruit baskets and picky snacks along the way. 

Zambia African Safari Destination - a haven for relaxation with soaking tubs overlooking the landscape

Time with family and friends

Build bonds with the people you love over a shared, luxury experience that you can refer back to year after year at gatherings. 


Get your step count up while you breathe in the stillness of the bush and then unwind in a soothing open air bubble bath – it will feel far more rewarding after a trek in the wilderness.

Hearty food

Come home to a sumptuous spread of African cuisine and a glass of your favourite drink, then put your feet up at a warming campfire and reflect on the sightings of the day beneath the stars. 

On your next visit to the African bush, book a walking safari – you won’t regret it.


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