The Curious Leopard Cub

Video and commentary by John Holley:

During my days as a game ranger I was often asked “What was your best ever sighting” or “What is the most amazing thing you have ever seen?

The incredible thing about the wilderness is that everyday, every drive is a different experience. Yet of course there are certain sightings which will stay etched in my memory for ever.

Londolozi is famous for its predator density and more so for its exceptional leopard viewing. However this high concentration of leopard does mean a huge amount of competition for territory. During my 2 years at Londolozi the leopard population was in slight turmoil as a number of large male leopards fought for dominance. For extended periods no single male dominated a large portion of Londolozi. Thus although we were lucky enough to witness multiple mating leopards we very rarely had the privilege of watching cubs reared.

And yet 2014 and 2015 seem to be years “littered” with leopard cubs and as such the leopard females have become more relaxed with their cubs around the game vehicles. This allows unbelievable leopard cub viewing.

However what we witnessed was some thing I could never have dreamt of seeing! A curious leopard cub, with the added confidence of having her mother close by – completely at ease around the game vehicle. This beautiful little cub now on her own little day of discovery, her first opportunity to get up close to these game vehicles and to understand what these large objects and their occupants mean.

Having seen only a handful of fleeting glimpses of leopard cub sightings over 2 years this was truly something I shall never forget.

The legend that is the Londolozi Leopards once more has left us speechless!


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