A Weekend at Grootbos

It’s a big place that’s all about the little things. 

The last year has certainly taught us the importance of slowing down and taking stock of one’s life and there’s no better place to do this than at Grootbos. Grootbos is the Afrikaans translation for ‘big forest’ yet there is so much more that this incredibly unique destination offers. 

Only 2 hours from Cape Town… Grootbos is one of the Western Cape’s best kept secrets!

My husband and I had the pleasure of taking a night off from being parents and visiting this peaceful oasis both to explore and relax. 

From the minute we arrived, the quiet, the pace, the serenity was palpable. Every minute felt like an hour… and the one day that we were there, in fact felt like a week. 

Whether it’s the 360 panoramic views, the smell of the surrounding fynbos, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the whales frolicking in Walker Bay below or the mist rising up off the ocean…. the recipe was ideal for what we needed. Time… quiet…. space… and nature!

Welcomed with a warm smile, refreshing cocktail and a mouth-watering 3 course lunch… we could have driven the two hours home then and still felt rejuvenated and revived!

But alas… there was a great deal more that the Grootbos Team had in-store for us. 

After a short afternoon nap we headed off towards De Kelders to explore the ancient caves of the Khoisan people… these archaeological wonders are living tributes to our ancestors and a privilege to explore. 

On our return we took off for a walking tour of the enchanting Milkwood forests on the reserve. Time certainly stands still when you are entirely and completely immersed in nature with only the constant buzzing of insects, the quiet call of the Cape Battis or the melodic tune of the Bokmakierie leading the way. 

Sunset… well there are just no words. I will let the pictures do the talking here… Recommended drink of choice – there is only one… the classic G&T!

The suites are exquisitely appointed, private and opulent. The outside shower with the whole of Walker Bay and the 847 species of the fynbos floral kingdom below you… will be a moment you won’t want to forget…ever! With simple lines, all the creature comforts one could dream of and beautiful vistas the suites are nothing short of magical. 

The evening couldn’t have been more idyllic: there wasn’t a breath of wind and the milky way was showing off… so we dined outside on the deck and felt as if we owned the world. The meal was absolutely delicious… from mushroom tataki starter, to guava sorbet, to medallions of fillet drizzled in peppercorn sauce and chocolate torte dressed with Grootbos’s very own fynbos honey ice cream… need I say anymore!

After what felt like a century of deep sleep (remember no kids to wake us) we awoke to a sunrise that felt like it was setting the earth on fire! Desperate to make the most of this last morning of freedom we set off on a lovely trail run above the lodge and ended it off with a crisp dip in the bright blue rim flow pool!

Breakfast was yet another treat for the senses… but this was only the beginning for shortly after we were whisked off on an eco-tour of Grootbos’s floral kingdom. The different species are endless and the colours spellbinding from limestone sugarbush, to wild rosemary, to blombos to proteas… the floral kingdom is just fabulous! Our guide Gareth was charismatic and so knowledgeable that the 2 hours flew by and we returned feeling so appreciative and in awe of nature and all it’s incredible intricacies and endless beauty. 

A big thank you to the entire Grootbos team for a magical weekend… full of luxurious treats and surprises, adventures, time in nature, decadent cuisine and most importantly…. peace and quiet 🙂

Some advice:

When you go to Grootbos – sign up for some of the activities whether it’s whale watching, horse-riding or forest walks but also make sure you take the time to stop… breathe and take in the slowness. Reset your clock with nature’s and just be!

And lastly:

Grootbos is offering a once-in-a-lifetime Secret Season Special for 3950 per person sharing per night. Only available from May to August contact us now to make this a reality for you and your loved ones.

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