Why Winter is a Great Time for a Safari

As much as we try to deny it…  there is suddenly a crisp chill in the air. The nights are getting longer, the days shorter and let’s face it, it’s getting more and more difficult to get out of bed!

Winter is upon us but not to worry…winter is great for lots of things… hot chocolate, big fires, red wine and… most importantly – going on safari!

There really is nothing better than getting bundled up on a safari vehicle complete with warm poncho, hot water bottle , beanie and binoculars and heading off into the sunrise. Not to mention stopping on the edge of a waterhole while a herd of elephants drink quietly and join you on your steaming hot early morning coffee and home-made rusk.

South Africa’s ‘low-season- runs from May to September and what most people forget is that while Cape Town is hibernating, the rest of the country is still enjoying a mild climate, making the country a winter holiday mecca with year-round great weather.

And… to warm you up just a little more – we’ve got some incredible winter specials.

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Whether you go for the Kruger National Park, Madikwe or the Kalahari You can still enjoy blue skies and balmy days.


Just in case we haven’t convinced you yet, here are seven reasons why winter really is a great time to go on safari:

Amazing Game Viewing

Because winter in the bush is dry, the sparse vegetation means better chances of spotting and ticking off your wildlife bucket list. The limited water supply means that you will see congregations of thirsty wildlife gathering around water holes so make sure you are ready to take some amazing photographs…


Winter has so much to offer – including having the bush all to yourself. May to August is the perfect time to spend some quiet time on safari with little to no other vehicles around as many tourists prefer to visit in summer (and most can’t even get into the country now.) Slow down the pace and have more space to enjoy time you’re your family and friends.

Winter Specials

There’s something for everyone! Our winter specials keep the entire family in mind no matter where you choose to go and what your heart desires to see and do. These rates won’t be repeated in the warmer summer months.

Great Weather

Wake up in the morning to the steamy bush as the cold dissipates and mild weather returns and the sun warms you from the inside out – a welcomed relief from the relentless summer heat.

Breath-taking Landscapes

Exchange the sun, sand and sea for panoramic views of snow-capped mountains in the Drakensberg, watch the mist rise and disappear in the Kruger National Park and walk through sparkling ground frost on your way to see a wintery sunrise from the back of a game vehicle, bundled up in a blanket.

Lower Malaria Risk

Malaria is present in some parts of the Kruger and north eastern parts of South Africa. However, the risks of contracting malaria are lowest in winter, when breeding conditions are less favourable for mosquitoes. Precautions are still recommended but in general winter is a better time to visit from a malaria point of view.

Starry Skies

Lower temperatures mean clearer skies and better stargazing. Book a night in a treetop room and let The Milky Way wow you as you stop to take time to appreciate the natural wonders up above…

Our winter specials are quickly getting booked up so contact us soon to book the perfect spot just for you.

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