Best Takeovers of 2018

Many dream of Africa – and some revisit it regularly taking visual journeys through photos. There is something special about being able to travel through time and return to places through images, conjuring up favourable memories of a time gone by.

Where in Africa would you like to go? Let us take you there…

This throwback is for both our esteemed travellers and appreciated photographers. As photographers, surely you get excited about new pictures, but it’s also great going back and reminiscing about the great shots of the past. Imagine finding a photo album or scrolling through pictures on your phone right before dinner. The table is set and the next thing you know, you’re 200 pictures deep and dinner has gotten cold.

Here’s to the forgotten photographs, overlooked photographs and taking nostalgic travellers back to Africa. Memories and emotions will come racing back – perhaps even new inspiration. Re-visit untouched landscapes and picturesque sceneries; animals roaming freely; raw African beauty; the infamous African sunsets; dramatic clouds, brewing storms and so much more that this exquisite continent has to offer.

Let us take you on a photographic time travel with this year’s top Iconic Takeovers:

There’s so many wonderful pictures that we cannot fit into one story so check out our Instagram page for more.

Graham Wood

Ngala Safari Lodge Lion Kill Graham Wood

Ad van Zyl

James Tyrrell

Craig Hayman



A big thank you to all our photographer friends that have taken part in #IATakeovers this year! We are truly honoured to be able to share your images with our travellers. Keep travelling and taking these beautiful pictures – here’s to many more in 2019!



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