Top 10 Cute Animal Videos of 2018

Africa is blessed with enough amazing animals to keep the entire world entertained for a lifetime! From clumsy baby elephants to feisty spotted wild dogs… Often their cute nature, cuddly appearances and silly antics make us feel unworthy of such delight!

If you’re in a slump and need a mid-week pickup, we have the cure for you right here! Meet some of the sweetest and funniest furries that we couldn’t resist sharing. They are the balm to our dreary days and have made 2018 a little less cumbersome. Try not to smile or laugh at these videos, we dare you.



Here are our top ten wildlife video-shares of 2018 waiting for you. Our viral superstars want you to click play and let them melt your heart:

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Hopefully we get to see more of their playfulness in 2019! Here’s to more happy animals…


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