Our favourite African songs

We know you all have itchy feet to get on a plane and come to Africa…

But while we push the brakes on travel, let us put you in the driver’s seat with our favourite tracks to get you in the right mood.

Nothing can transport you to a time, place, moment or safari destination like a good song! we’ve chosen our favourite tracks from our safari playlist to bring you back… Soon we will be able to travel again, and what better reason to want to sing!

Our first, and favourite song has to be Africa, by Toto.

This classic 1982 pop song is probably the best song ever made and should be on your gym, travel, cleaning and feel-good playlist.

It is almost impossible to not break out in song…

1982 was a great year for music it seems… Scatterlings of Africa is a song from Juluka’s studio album – a band led by the sorely missed Johnny Clegg and talented Sipho Mchunu.

And so fitting that in Mandela Month, we remembered this gem – Asimbonanga (Mandela) by Johnny Clegg & Savuka. Even if you don’t know what the lyrics mean at first, this song will tug on your heartstrings!

The Lion King films will have adults and children alike teary-eyed and choked up. But this beautiful story of African wildlife also has the most vibrant songs in animation and our favourite from the franchise… The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Token.

We leave you with Vicky Simpson’s signature hit – My African Dream… This song will have you packing your bags in no time. Her voice is euphonious, and the words are so fitting for all our future travellers and South Africans scattered around the world.

Our favourite songs from Africa is an endless list, but these songs are a great start for your safari playlist and will definitely keep you positive during this time – and are catchy enough to have you singing along to each one!