Our Iconic Africa

Africa has been waiting for you all this time. And so have we…

The wildebeest are still spreading in their hundreds of thousands over the sea of grass that is Tanzania’s Serengeti and the leopards are still lounging on the marula branches of the Sabi Sand Reserve in South Africa.
Wild Africa is essentially unchanged.

And most spectacular of all is that these bucket list trips are more accessible than ever.

The last year and a half has been an interesting time in all of our lives, and while we can’t predict the future, what we do know is that the latest news on the African travel front has all been good.
Travel restrictions to multiple countries all over Africa have been lifted, and the continent that birthed mankind is opening up once again to the blank canvas of imagination.

We’re big fans of the clouds-with-silver-linings approach, and the beautiful lesson we’ve taken out of the last year is the recognition of our fundamental human need for experiences. The urge to be spontaneous and free. And above all, a deep desire we all have to understand our humanity through a wild reconnection with ourselves and with each other.

If that connection is something you are looking for, we can help you find it.

Come and rediscover your true wild self…

Londolozi: A Return Home

It has been 26 years since I first journeyed to Londolozi Game Reserve, yet every time I visit I still feel the same sense of giddy excitement I did on that initial visit so long ago, the same sense of nostalgia when I climb up into the Land Rover for the opening game drive of the trip, and the same overwhelming sense of sadness when I leave.

It’s not just the amazing sightings of leopards in trees, lions wading through the Sand River, or being surrounded by the 7th herd of elephants for the morning. It’s far more than that.
This for me was where my true love for the bush began, as I began to see exactly what type of experience it could – and should – be.

My first visit to Londolozi, 26 years ago (I am standing centre). Ranger Julius Ngwenya (sitting in front) has his son now working as a tracker at Londolozi.
And our latest trip, out on game drive waiting for lions to wake up in the evening.

This is what Londolozi does so well. There’s no formula. That went out the window long ago. Yes there is a framework within which the lodge operates – out before sunrise each morning to catch the dawn chorus, night drives following lions on the hunt, bush walks to make you touch, smell, and truly listen – but the reality is that each safari, each time you venture out of the camp gates in fact, is tapered to suit your specific needs.

One of the many herds that inhabit the reserve wade across the Sand River (Pioneer Camp is just out of picture to the left).
The winter months are an especially good time to see elephants in the South African bush.

Birding is your thing? No problem; the focus shifts to the myriad different habitats that the reserve features, with the guide and tracker fully aware of which species are to be found where. Photographically inclined, wanting to capture that magical silhouette shot of a leopard outlined against the vivid reds of an African sunset? The tracking team will find that leopard, and – conditions permitting – the ranger will know exactly where to position the vehicle and what camera settings to use to make sure you nail the shot. There is no such thing as homogeneity in the Londolozi experience. It’s always unique and always special.

You never know what will be around the next corner at Londolozi…

I try to get back there once a year, except these days it’s not just me and my husband but my kids as well, and my brother and his wife regularly accompany us.
We try to stay in Pioneer Camp each year, the most westerly of the Londolozi camps. One of Londolozi’s three Relais and Chateaux camps, Pioneer only has three rooms, perfect for a family of our size. The adults go into two of them while the kids squeeze into the third (which is connected to ours by a discreet walkway).
And for a magical ten days, the camp becomes home.

The camp manager this year was Shannon Dawson, the most wonderful person you could ever wish to meet, and she shares a similar history with us in that she has also been visiting Londolozi with her family since she was small. And now she calls it home too.
Nothing was ever too much for Shannon, and her delightful smile was always there to welcome us home after game drive, morning and evening.

This leopard was waiting for us just off the edge of the Pioneer Camp deck as we returned from game drive one evening!

Travelling out from Atlanta, GA, where I live these days (having moved from South Africa in the 90s), it makes far more sense for us to come for a longer trip, so ten days is usually the least amount of time we will stay. I cannot emphasise enough the value of a longer stay. It allows one to truly sink into a place, to adjust to the flow of the African bush, and get to know the ranger, tracker and camp staff far better than one would in what would traditionally have been a three night adventure.

Our coffee stop one morning in a treehouse overlooking the Sand River.


A young leopard cub peers down nervously from the boughs of a marula tree, still uncertain of the best way to descend.

Particularly for those coming from further afield, long stay safaris are slowly starting to replace the three night visits, which travel trends are definitely starting to reflect. The idea it seems, is to go deeper, not broader. Rather than hopping between lodges, discerning travellers are preferring to remain in one place, getting the absolute most out of a visit that they can.
This is certainly what we try to accomplish each time we visit Londolozi.

Tiny wild dog pups emerge from their den as their mother calls them out.

This was our first time back in a couple of years, Covid-19 and other circumstances having prevented us visiting since July 2018.

The best thing for me was just how easy travel was in these times: flights were not a problem, covid-compliant and everything almost seemed easier than normal, especially given that airports are far less crowded. A hop, skip and a jump, and back in Londolozi we were…

And what a return it was.
Lions taking down a buffalo on our first morning, male leopards roaring back and forth at each other, a female leopard with her cubs just learning how to climb, wild dog pups emerging from their den for the first time… The sightings were incredibly varied and seemingly endless.
And in between them was the Londolozi fun; Wimbledon-themed dinners, soccer games for the kids, tracking lessons from Joy Mathebula… Whenever we least expected it, there was something new and exciting on the cards.

Tracker Andrea Sithole – who our family have known for years – celebrates a goal with my daughter Brodi in a soccer game organised for the kids staying in camp.
One of the dominant male leopards that Londolozi is so famous for, drinking only a few feet from our vehicle.

Londolozi doesn’t just thrill with the wildlife. They take you into their world and open your eyes. You get to see what this one wild life we have all been given should really be about: fun, connection, intimacy with nature and ultimately finding the best version of yourself.

I know I find that person whenever I’m at Londolozi.
And you can too…



Tulela: a Place of Peace

An African safari has the power to change you. To make you feel so truly connected to yourself and your surroundings that you feel that this is the way life should be lived. Far from the trappings of the fast-paced modern world with all its distractions, the African wilderness reaffirms the values that our humanity holds dear.
And almost inevitably, as your safari winds down, your mind lets itself wander into the fantasy of “If only I could live in the bush…”

Well Tulela, a magical 5-bedroom lodge in the Greater Kruger Park of South Africa, will make you feel like you are…

As close to a home in the bush as you can find, Tulela is an exclusive-use lodge that is so much more than just a base to see the Big 5 from. Bespoke safaris both in a vehicle and on foot, sleep-outs under the southern stars, conservation initiatives that guests can get hands on with… your stay at Tulela is far more of an immersion into the wilds of Africa than a simple stay in the bush.

The lodge was designed with that homely feel in mind. Situated on the banks of the N’tsiri river, the rooms and main area are nestled in the shade of magnificent riparian trees from which the gentle background ambience of the local birdlife emanates. A waterhole positioned in full view of the deck attracts a continuous procession of wildlife – particularly in the drier winter months – and the overwhelming feeling here is that you are part of nature.

With over 6000ha of the Klaserie Private Game Reserve to explore with your own ranger and tracker, you essentially are…

Tulela is child friendly, so is perfect for families looking to open their children’s minds to the wonders of nature.
Or, if it’s simply an exclusive getaway for ten friends that you are after, this is the perfect place to allow you to simply put your feet up and be free from worry, totally at peace in the tranquility of the African bush.

We can’t wait to share more about this amazing destination with you.
For more information about Tulela and all that it offers, feel free to get hold of us here


2020 in Pictures

It’s been a tough year away from the bush and thank goodness for our friends and talented wildlife photographers who have kept us as close to our beloved wildlife as possible. They know how to capture words and feelings in one click and have brilliantly kept our longing at bay with their keen eye for detail as they make the lighting, composition and subject come together to tell a story. If you’re in a slump, need a midweek pickup or are longing for the bush, take a look at our favourite pictures of 2020 that got us through the longest time indoors.

Photographer: Graham Wood

Photographer: Matt Yardley

Photographer: Francois Roos

Photographer: Andrea Campbell

Photographer: Becky Rasor

Photographer: Carmen Shui

Once-in-a-lifetime Maasai Mara Special

Perched on the edge of Africa’s Great Rift Valley is a lodge that comes as close to heaven on earth, as possible. Angama Mara, Swahili for “suspended in mid-air” boasts the best views in the Masai Mara. A place that constantly takes your breath away, where happiness reigns and peace is all-encompassing, where you literally stand on the edge of the world. Owner-managed and run by the reputable Fitzgerald family, Angama Mara is the ultimate destination that is calling your name!

Visit the quintessential luxury African safari built exactly where “Out of Africa” was filmed 30 years ago for only $3115 per person sharing – that is an amazing 60% saving for Southern African citizens and residents.

Stay at Angama Mara for 5 nights at this unbeatable rate including local flights, a hot-air balloon safari and so much more…

Designed to replicate a traditional Maasai village the décor is tasteful, welcoming and unobtrusive. It’s absolute indulgence with the utmost integrity and discretion. With two totally separate camps of just 15 tents each, there is nothing that detracts from the main feature of the space, which is very definitely the 180degree view. Sit in opulent comfort, in amongst the woods, coppers, warm hues and contemporary pieces while looking out your very own window to the world. Unfaltering service, impeccable presentation and mouth-watering food craft every mealtime.

Road transfers JKIA-Wilsons-JKIA
5 nights accommodation at Angama Mara
Return flights Wilson Airport-Angama Mara with Governors Aviation
All Maasai Mara Park Fees
Angama Foundation Contribution
1 Hot-air Balloon Safari per person per stay with Governors Balloon Safaris

Optional Extras:
Private flights JKIA-Angama-JKIA
Nairobi Accommodation

Contact us here for more information. Use ASA2021 as the reference/booking code.

T&Cs Apply. Valid 1 November 2020 – 30 June 2021. Subject to availability. This special is non-refundable or transferable.

East or South Africa for your 2021 safari?

This year has left people all over the world dreaming of travel, and many have already planned to touch down in Africa in 2021. Most spaces are already filling up fast, and the only thing left to decide is.. where in Africa to go.

The idea of a safari was conceived in East Africa, but soon reached Southern Africa where luxury safaris became popular. Today both parts of the continent offer state-of-the-art designed lodges and camps, unparalleled game viewing and bucket-list-worthy activities. But with so many countries to choose from, it’s not surprising that one would find it difficult deciding where to go – especially if it’s your first safari. Here’s what makes each region a unique and memorable safari destination:

East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda

East Africa is synonymous with the incomparable Mara-Serengeti triangle and the indigenous ecosystems that fall part of these areas. If you want to experience the seasonal Great Migration between Kenya and Tanzania, then an East Africa safari should be right on top of your travel list! The seasonal rain patterns are nothing short of awe-inspiring, supporting over a million wildebeest and other game. East Africa, like other parts of the continent, boasts diverse habitats from lush, green forests to aquatic bodies that see large flocks of flamingos, baobab forests, and gorilla families. Not forgetting Mount Kilimanjaro and the famous Ngorongoro Crater where you will find incredible lodges that offer panoramic views. East Africa has many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks with vehicle trails, ensuring exceptional game viewing at a close range. Unlike Southern Africa’s reserves and parks, off-road and night-drives are less likely unless you are visiting a private concession. However, you can look forward to life-changing bush walks with Maasai locals who will show you the area on foot.

What you can expect from a safari in East Africa:

Massive herds of wildebeest and zebra

Two dry seasons: January to March and June to October

Great for family safaris as most accommodations allow young children; there are fewer internal flights and the interactive game drives keep kids interested

All of our safari guides and spotters are exceptionally trained and experienced professionals

Enjoy overland expeditions in 4-wheel-drive vehicles with English-speaking guides

Hot air balloon safaris over the Mara plains

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

Fun walking safaris in some private reserves

Numerous cultural encounters with local tribes

Click on the links below to see our top luxury destinations in East Africa:

Kenya– Great Migration, Maasai warriors, pink flamingos, Giraffe Manor, hot air balloon safaris.

Mozambique– Snorkelling, diving and untouched coral reefs.

Tanzania– Great Migration, Mt Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Tarangire National Park, hot air balloon safaris.


Rwanda– Gorilla trekking, golden monkeys, chimpanzees and canopy walks.

Gorilla Trek Tours Rwanda Iconic Africa Bambo Forest

Southern Africa: South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe,

Southern Africa has an array of different geographical features and weather conditions. You can tailor-make your safari to include the Kruger’s savannah grasslands, Zambia’s woodlands, Zimbabwe’s thundering Victoria Falls, the dry desert of the Kalahari or the Okavango Delta’s heavy rains. Or combine the rugged mountains and luscious Winelands with beautiful golden beaches and the bustling city life of Cape Town. You can have it all in one Southern Africa trip!

Guests look forward to low -volumes of people and smaller camps or lodges that often only accommodate up to a dozen people at a time. With the abundance of private concessions, you can create a more exclusive and personalised safari.

Contrary to East Africa’s vast open landscapes found in the Serengeti or Mara region and high concentration of wildlife, Southern Africa focuses more on personal encounters and walking safaris which can be done in Botswana and Zambia. You will also have the chance for exciting night game drives to spot elusive nocturnal animals, charming water safaris and nights out under the stars. While cultural experiences are limited unlike the many found in East Africa, you can plan a visit to the San Bushman of the Kalahari which is equally as rewarding.

What you can expect from a safari in Southern Africa:

Varied topography and habitats

A smaller concentration of herds in private concessions

One dry season: May to October

South Africa is great for family safaris with some lodges and camps located in malaria-free areas

Many camps outside of South Africa require a minimum age of eight years old unless you reserve the entire camp

All of our safari guides and spotters are exceptionally trained and experienced professionals

Enjoy overland expeditions in 4-wheel-drive vehicles

Choose from many small, remote and exclusive private camps with limited guests of 8-12

Guides usually share meals with guests at small lodges/camps developing close relations

More private concessions with fewer tourists which makes for great wildlife viewing

Wider variety of safaris activities such as walking safaris, mokoro tours, night drives, hot air ballooning, kayaking and food safaris

Click on the links below to see our top luxury destinations in Southern Africa:

Botswana–, , Mokoro trips in the Okavango Delta, Big 5 safaris, hot air balloon safaris, boating trips.

South AfricaKruger National Park, Cape Town, Cape Winelands, Big Five safaris, marine safaris, hot air balloon safaris, Garden Route.

Ivory Lodge Sabi sands Kruger Park Safari

Zambia– Adventure activities in Victoria Falls, village tours, safaris in South Luangwa.

Zimbabwe– Adventure activities in Victoria Falls and Mana Pools.

Both East and Southern Africa offer amazing opportunities to spot the Big 5 wildlife, amongst other game and indigenous fauna and flora. Each region has its own unique wildlife and landscape attractions, but East Africa definitely has a higher density of animals in one area – especially considering the Great Migration and gorillas. Needless to say, you will see plenty of cool animals in both parts of the continent and Southern Africa will entice you with its diverse topography in a single city such as Cape Town. So which is better for safari? Whether you’re interested in seeing tens of lions on your first day or basking in opulence at small, private lodges with low visitor concentration, you can’t go wrong with either choice.

2020’s Happy Travellers!

It’s been longer than we’d like since we’ve been able to travel anywhere and we’re all looking forward to hitting the long, open road or catching a flight to our next bush, seaside or mountain retreat. A big thank you to all those who’ve travelled with us this year… and to those who are yet to, we cannot wait to welcome you to our shores.

As we anticipate the future of travel, let us take a moment to reflect and look back at some of our top 2020 travel reviews:

Thank you, Lauren Fryer!
Thank you, Lauren Fryer, for assisting us with a last-minute first South African safari to Madikwe Safari Lodge. Your professionalism and expertise were second to none. Some highlights of the trip included flying into Madikwe with Federal Airlines where we spotted elephants from the air, meeting our highly knowledgeable and passionate Game Ranger Wesson and of course the animals in their natural environment. Thank you to everyone involved for making it better than we could ever have dreamed of. – Sian Mikkelsen

Outstanding from start to finish
Outstanding from start to finish. Terri, Lauren and team put together an itinerary that more than met any expectations we had. Our first family experience in Africa was really life-changing and we can’t wait to return! Hard to compare the 3 locations as each was so rich in different experiences. The staff were amazing throughout.

Zambia African Safari - The perfect family destination

Zambia African Safari Travel


What an incredible experience we had with Iconic Africa
What an incredible experience we had with Iconic Africa and our Representative Bev. From the incredible attention to detail in planning our trip to prompt communication, Iconic Africa is a first-class agency that I would highly recommend. – Paul J. Boes

Mchenja Zambia South Luangwa - Between game drives unwind in your bathtub, watching the river flowing past through the floor to ceiling windows

Iconic Africa helped make my first trip to Africa truly ICONIC!!!
Before visiting Africa I’d travelled for nearly 30 years across 28 different countries.

The African continent had always been on my list but the thought of planning a trip like this across multiple countries was daunting.

Having travelled so much for business over the years I pride myself in DIY travel but I wouldn’t have had a clue on where to start for 3 weeks and 4 countries in Africa. Iconic Africa came highly recommended by a former colleague and they didn’t disappoint.

I have to especially thank Lauren Fryer for her attentiveness, responsiveness and passionate follow-up to assure there were no surprises.

This was one of the best vacations/pleasure trips I’ve ever had. Top 2 rivalled only by my honeymoon in the Maldives and I’ve already booked a second trip with Iconic Africa! – James Hollis


Iconic Africa – Amazing!
Iconic Africa was amazing. Lauren and John planned our honeymoon itinerary perfectly and everything ran smoothly without a single hiccup. We travelled through Vic Falls, Cape Town, Franschhoek and Sabi Sands – and had the trip of a lifetime. The car/plane transfers were all on schedule and professional; the accommodation in each city was stunning and well located, and the recommendations for activities/restaurants were even better. I can highly recommend their service and would not hesitate using them again. – Mitch


Highly recommend Iconic Africa
Iconic Africa helped us arrange our Honeymoon in Kenya and Tanzania and the experience was absolutely incredible! Not only did we absolutely love the camps we visited – &Beyond’s Mnemba Island and Masai Mara Bateleur camp – but Iconic Africa did an excellent job arranging our complete agenda, including flights and transfers, which were all seamless and managed by very professional and pleasant employees. We can’t express how much we loved our trip and were impressed with Iconic Africa’s arrangements and communications with us. Thank you, John and Bev! – Sophie Susman

Balloon Safari Iconic Africa Tanzania Desert 2

Booking a trip in Africa seemed intimidating, Iconic Africa made it easy.
Booking a trip in Africa seemed daunting to us. Bev at Iconic Africa made the process incredibly smooth. She provided excellent recommendations for accommodations and was incredibly responsive to our needs when we were on the trip. Would use Iconic Africa again when we travel to the continent next time. – Justin Gaudenzi

Amazing Rwanda at Singita Kwitonda
If hiking to see the gorilla in their natural habitat is on your bucket list, by all means, stay at Singita Kwitonda, a brand new camp at the base of the dormant volcanic mountains in Rwanda. First-class luxurious cabins, with magnificent views, and all the extras synonymous with a Singita property. The staff are incredible and the food and wine top of the line! On top of all that, the drive to the gorilla welcome centre is just minutes away! Truly a memorable experience not to be missed! – Geri Potter

Bisate Lodge Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Rooms

Contact us here so that we can help you plan your next luxury African safari now.

Rwanda, Kenya and Zambia Open for Travel

We are excited to let our international travellers know that entry into Rwanda, Kenya and Zambia is now open.
Do not hesitate to book your trip to the land of a thousand hills and endless jungle; the finest wildlife entertainment in Africa; and world-class predator activity!

Rwanda is the ultimate jungle escape for the adventurous traveller. Its gorgeously green and misty forests are home to the magnificent, world-renowned Silverback Gorillas. Rwanda is fondly known as the ‘land of a thousand hills’ because of its remarkably hilly landscape and its spectacular volcanoes.

Rwanda African Luxury Saafari Gorillas

One of Rwanda’s most luxurious lodges, Bisate Lodge is a sight to behold—striking in its unique design and set against the backdrop of Rwanda’s verdant forested landscape, Bisate Lodge allows guests to marvel at the wonder that is Rwanda.

Bisate Lodge Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Rooms

And no Rwandan adventure is complete without a gorilla trekking tour! This magical experience will, no doubt, take your breath away and render you speechless. You will be in awe of this most unbelievable and unforgettable, encounter. It is an intimate experience like no other and has been known to bring many people to tears. One hour is certainly not long enough but it is an hour that you will remember for the rest of your days.

Gorilla Trek Tours Rwanda Iconic Africa

Gorilla Trek Africa Rwanda Iconic Africa 3

Rules for entry:
*All countries can visit.
*All countries must fill out a pre-arrival form. Before travelling to Rwanda, passengers must fill out a Passenger Locator Form. To fill out this form, passengers must be able to provide passport information, travel details, negative PCR COVID-19 test results, and booking confirmation at one of the designated hotels for a 24-hour quarantine upon arrival.
*All countries must produce a negative PCR test within 72 hours of boarding. The negative test must be emailed to lab@rbc.gov.rw before your departure and a printed copy of the results brought with you upon entry into Rwanda.
*Upon arrival to Rwanda, visitors will be taken to the designated quarantine hotel of their choice at the cost of the traveller. They will be required to quarantine in their hotel room until they receive a negative COVID-19 result.
*A test will be done upon arrival. The results should be available after 8 hours. Plus another test 48 hours after arrival, both at the cost of the traveller.
*Any traveller who has their negative-PCR test in hand, and is showing no symptoms, will not have to quarantine upon arrival into Rwanda.
*Re-Testing may be done before going on in-country tours or treks.

Popular parks such as Volcanos National Park, Nyungwe National Park and Akagera National Park have all reopened to international tourists, but some protocols need to be followed.

Kenya is an Approved and recognised user of the World Travel and Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Safety Stamp. Kenya promises the very best game viewing, hospitality and endless breathtaking landscapes, the origin and epitome of the true safari experience. It is without a doubt the ultimate safari destination. Exquisite luxury lodges and magical tented camps are aplenty, easily accessible and waiting to welcome you with open arms.

Your choice for luxury 5-star accommodation is endless. Take your pick between Giraffe Manor, Mara Expeditions, Ol Donyo, Bateleur Camp, Mara Plains and Angama Mara.

Giraffe Manor Breakfast Feature

Great Migration Tanzania Masaai Mara East Africa Safaris Angama Mara 2

Rules for entry:
*Entry into Kenya is permitted if the passenger does not have a body temperature above 37.5°C (99.5°F); does not have a persistent cough, difficulty breathing or other flu-like symptoms, and has a negative PCR-based COVID-19 test conducted within 96 hours of arrival.
*All passengers arriving on international flights are required to quarantine for 14 days at a government-designated facility or at their Kenyan residence.
*If there is a reported case of COVID-19 on a flight or if the above symptoms are detected, all passengers within two rows of the passenger with the symptoms will be quarantined for testing. If the test results are negative, they will be allowed to leave the facility.
*It is mandatory for all passengers arriving in Kenya to complete the Travelers Health Surveillance Form by the Ministry of Health. The form must be completed online prior to disembarkation. Passengers will receive a QR code after completing the form and will be required to display it to a Port Health Official to proceed through immigration.
*Health screening procedures are in place at airports and other ports of entry.
*The Government of Kenya established an online portal to extend visitor and resident visas.
*Testing is available at Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi Hospital, and Kenyatta National Hospital. The charge for the test is approximately USD 100 at private health facilities and USD 50 at government hospitals. Test results are available within 48 – 96 hours.
*Commercial flights and public transportation are operating.

Here in the warm heart of Africa lies one of the continent’s greatest secrets, the birthplace of the walking safari, Zambia! Sitting on a sprawling plateau, this little gem boasts the Zambezi, Kafue and Luangwa rivers, and shares one of the largest waterfalls in the world, the Victoria Falls with neighbouring Zimbabwe.

Mchenja Zambia South Luangwa - The South Luangwa is renowned for its world class predator action

There is no better way to get up-close-and-personal with the African bush, and its wildlife, than to go on a walking safari. It is, without a doubt, the best way to fully experience and appreciate the magical intricacies that make up a regular day out in the bush. Even if you’ve had many safari experiences in the past, this iconic adventure will, no doubt, take your breath away.

Zambia African Safari Travel

Zambia boasts magical accommodations from South Luangwa National Park to Liuwa Plains and Lower Zambezi Valley. Mchenja Bush Camp, King Lewanika and Chongwe are surrounded by unspeakable beauty and luxury.

Mchenja Zambia South Luangwa - The style and comfort of the suites make you feel like an early explorer on an authentic safari

King Lewanika - Gather after your exciting game drives and swap tales under the stars_

Zambia is open to foreign nationals and issuing visitor visas upon entry into the country. Limited domestic flight schedules are operating twice-weekly between Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and Mfuwe International Airport, and between Kenneth Kaunda and Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone.

Royal CHundu Iconic Africa Why Us

Rules for entry:
*All international visitors are screened on arrival. If you show any signs of COVID-19, you will have to quarantine for 14 days.
*All arriving passengers must have a certificate of a negative COVID-19 test that has been conducted within 3 days of arriving in Zambia.
*Visitors will be expected to adhere to COVID-19 regulations like physical distancing, wearing face masks, and personal hygiene. They will also need to monitor themselves daily for 10 days for symptoms of the virus and report any occurrence to the nearest health facility.

Strict control measures have been implemented in these countries and have to be followed: social distancing, good hand hygiene, and the wearing of masks remain mandatory. Contact us HERE for more information on your next African safari adventure!

Our favourite African songs

We know you all have itchy feet to get on a plane and come to Africa…

But while we push the brakes on travel, let us put you in the driver’s seat with our favourite tracks to get you in the right mood.

Nothing can transport you to a time, place, moment or safari destination like a good song! we’ve chosen our favourite tracks from our safari playlist to bring you back… Soon we will be able to travel again, and what better reason to want to sing!

Our first, and favourite song has to be Africa, by Toto.

This classic 1982 pop song is probably the best song ever made and should be on your gym, travel, cleaning and feel-good playlist.

It is almost impossible to not break out in song…

1982 was a great year for music it seems… Scatterlings of Africa is a song from Juluka’s studio album – a band led by the sorely missed Johnny Clegg and talented Sipho Mchunu.

And so fitting that in Mandela Month, we remembered this gem – Asimbonanga (Mandela) by Johnny Clegg & Savuka. Even if you don’t know what the lyrics mean at first, this song will tug on your heartstrings!

The Lion King films will have adults and children alike teary-eyed and choked up. But this beautiful story of African wildlife also has the most vibrant songs in animation and our favourite from the franchise… The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Token.

We leave you with Vicky Simpson’s signature hit – My African Dream… This song will have you packing your bags in no time. Her voice is euphonious, and the words are so fitting for all our future travellers and South Africans scattered around the world.

Our favourite songs from Africa is an endless list, but these songs are a great start for your safari playlist and will definitely keep you positive during this time – and are catchy enough to have you singing along to each one!

Book your 2022 safari NOW!

A 2022 East African Safari of a Lifetime

We always encourage our travellers to book at least a year in advance, and this sentiment is true now more than ever.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought local and international travel to a standstill and most travellers are reluctant to book anything at this stage – understandably.

However, it’s never too early to book the life-changing safari you’ve always dreamt of!

With all 2020 travel plans pushed over to 2021 – our destinations are filling up! So we encourage all those who are longing to touch down on African soil to make those travel plans now for 2022 while there’s still space.

Although it may seem like a long way away… it will be here before you know it and the ‘future you’ will thank you for being so organised and planning ahead!

As the entire world navigates phased re-opening, our guides, wildlife and staff are waiting for you… and cannot wait to share with you the rare magic that this continent offers.

We’re busy putting together some great offers, but here’s a sneak peek of what your next safari could be:

A luxury trip to Tanzania and Kenya on a safari package that includes visits to Manyara, Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Masai Mara between June to September 2022.

Spend 9 magical nights in these magical destinations:

Gran Melia Arusha from

Resting at the foot of Mount Meru, the sprawling city of Arusha is known as the safari capital of northern Tanzania. It serves as an excellent base from which to explore the remarkably scenic surrounding area which includes majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, as well as the Manyara, Tarangire and Ngorongoro National Parks. Located in the centre of Arusha, the Gran Melia Arusha is an oasis of beautifully landscaped coffee and tea plantations with views of Mount Meru. The hotel comprises an array of city and mountain facing rooms all of which are modernly designed and fully equipped with modern amenities. The hotel is home to various restaurants which include the Saba Saba all-day- dining restaurant, Yellow Chilli, Roof Top and the Ava Cafe.

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Located in Northern Tanzania, the Ngorongoro Crater is best known for its natural beauty and abundance of diverse wildlife; which makes it one of Africa’s most popular safari destinations. Entamanu Ngorongoro is a thoughtfully designed refuge in this elemental place, from which to explore the unique highland environment. Surrounded by the soaring peaks of dormant volcanic hills and the ebb and flow of Maasai pastoralist life, this is a place to explore beyond the hustle and bustle of the tourist trail. Not only to visit the Crater, but to understand it as part of a wider environment.

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Situated in the heart of Tanzania, the Central Serengeti encompasses the world-famous Seronera Valley which is known for its prime wildlife-viewing opportunities. A “camp like no other” is the best way to describe this beautiful property. Uniquely located in the heart of the Serengeti and surrounded by breathtaking views of endless plains that are embraced by the Nyaruswiga Hills, this magical destination provides an almost surreal backdrop for the more than 1 million animals annually migrating through this valley.

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The Masai Mara together with Tanzania’s Serengeti form Africa’s most famous wildlife park, the Masai Mara National Reserve. The image of acacia trees dotting endless grass plains epitomises Africa for many, then add a Maasai warrior and some cattle to the picture and the conversation need go no further. Mara Expedition Camp is a magical revisiting of the past, drawing from the designs of Africa’s original explorers and designed for those who search for East Africa’s romantic safari era. Here, you will experience the best of both worlds: the intense action of the Maasai Mara ecosystem, as well as the more private 70,000-acre Mara North Conservancy.

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The package includes:

Arrive at Kilimanjaro airport (JRO)
VIP assistance at JRO
Transfer Gran Melia Arusha by A&H
1 night at Gran Melia Arusha on HB basis
Depart to Ngorongoro in one of our luxury safari vehicles via game drive in the Lake Manyara NP
2 nights at Nomad Entamanu on FB, including drinks
Game drive in Ngorongoro + Crater descent
Transfer to Manyara airstrip
Scheduled flight to Seronera via Auric Air
Transfer to the camp
3 nights at Nyaruswiga Camp on GP
Game drives in the Central Serengeti
Transfer to Seronera
Scheduled cross border flight to Mara via stops for immigration and customs
Transfer to the Camp
3 nights at Mara Expeditions on GP
Game drives in the Masai Mara
Transfer to OI Kiombo airstrip
Scheduled flight to Nbo Wilson
Transfer to Nbo JKIA

2020 has been a year that has deprived the tourism industry of Africa and the people and wildlife within it.

Book this incredible authentic East African Safari NOW, and let us welcome you back to this magnificent continent in 2022.

Plan, book and visit as we emerge from this uncertain time. Have something to look forward to while contributing to the preservation of this magical wilderness.

Contact one of our team members to start putting your once-in-a-lifetime itinerary together.

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A Little African Wisdom

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We can’t travel now, but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming, planning and turning to our most loved places in the world for much-needed inspiration. In the last few months thousands of travellers would have visited Africa for the first time and many safari-lovers would have returned at least once maybe even more!

There are few things that can substitute for travelling, but words can often offer an escape, and until we can escape to Africa, let’s get lost in the beautiful wisdom which emanates from this magical land.

Africa is full of rich cultures and boasts a massive collection of quotes and proverbs seen as sayings of the wise! Many African proverbs are strongly tied to the earth and animals, conveying lessons of life, learning, wisdom, community, family, and love often through simple daily activities.

Here’s a list of some of our favourite African proverbs. We hope that these will provide you with some hearty Africanisms to take with you into your day today:

1. If you are filled with pride, then you will have no room for wisdom. ~ African proverb

2. To get lost is to learn the way. ~ African proverb

3. What you learn is what you die with. ~ African proverb

4. Travelling is learning. ~Kenyan Proverb

5. It takes a village to raise a child. ~ African proverb

6. Cross the river in a crowd and the crocodile won’t eat you. ~ African proverb

7. A family is like a forest when you are outside it is dense, when you are inside you see that each tree has its place. ~ African Proverb

8. A friend is someone you share the path with. ~ African proverb

9. Where there is love there is no darkness. ~Burundian proverb

10. It is crooked wood that shows the best sculptor. – African proverb