Celebrating World Wildlife Day

“On this World Wildlife Day, I call on all citizens, businesses and governments to play their part in protecting the world’s wild animals and plants.  The actions taken by each of us will determine the fate of the world’s wildlife.  The future of wildlife is in our hands!” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Join us in celebrating out beautiful African animals this World Wildlife Day! A day when we must remember to stand together and fight wildlife crimes such as poaching and wildlife trade. A day we must remember the words of the UN: “wildlife has an intrinsic value and contributes to the ecological, genetic, social, economic, scientific, educational, cultural, recreational and aesthetic aspects of sustainable development and human well-being,” and be grateful for the part it plays in our world.

This year’s theme is “The future of wildlife is in our hands,” a tribute to African and Asian elephants. To show our support we thought we’d share our 5 most epic elephant moments with you. After all… they are “nature’s great masterpiece!”







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