Great Wildlife Photographers

A picture is worth a thousand words, and our favourite wildlife photographers definitely know how to tell a story with a camera. To be a successful wildlife photographer, it takes skill and these guys definitely know how to capture those unexpected moments we can only dream of witnessing. Let us take you through some of our favourite images from their art collection and hopefully bring back beautiful safari memories or encourage you to make new ones.

After lots of patience and hundreds of images to sort through, we bring you perfectly timed and executed photographs from Graham Wood, James Tyrell, James Hendry, Stuart Bay and Cal Butler.

Graham Wood is a wildlife photographer and no words can do his work justice. See for yourself below.

Graham Wood Leopard Londolozi

James Tyrell lives and works in the bush and keeps us up to date with all the wildlife happenings at Londolozi.

James Hendry is a wildlife TV presenter, guide, writer, musician and exceptional photographer. Check out his YouTube channel for “me, my wife and the wildlife” or watch him on WildEarth.

Stuart Buy is a field guide at Leopard Hills in Sabi Sands. His weapon of choice is a Canon 7D Mark II with a 70-200 ft2.8 lens.

Cal Butler is a field guide at Leopard Hills Private Game Reserve. Visit his Instagram page or blog for more.

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