Iconic Africa Bush Diary Episode #3

Presenting Iconic Africa Bush Diary Episode #3: “The awesome colours and creatures of the Kruger autumn.” Filmed by the incredibly talented James Hendry and sent from the heart of the Kruger National Park!

No matter where you are… whether it’s behind your desk, on your sofa at home or waiting for your train to arrive. We’d like to take you on an epic game drive…

This episode celebrates the magnificent colours, animals and plants of the Kruger in Autumn. Isn’t it just wonderful to see the leopards mating, the lions relaxing, the elephants dusting themselves and the ostrich taking off? It transports you immediately!

We hope you enjoyed this episode, that it helps to satisfy your yearning for Africa and tide you over until your next safari adventure. The great open plains, leafy woodlands, thriving wildlife and exotic birds are here, always, doing their thing… and waiting for you.


Just in case you missed it –Episode 2: “Rain, life and wilderness, ” took a closer look at life in the Kruger awakening in celebration of the much-awaited rains!


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