Up Close and Personal with Tswalu

Iconic Africa had a chat with old friend and celebrated safari guide, Byron Serrao to get up close and personal with Tswalu, South Africa’s largest private game reserve and one of our newest additions

Byron first visited the Kruger National Park when he was just 5 years old, where his love for the African bush began. He has guided for over 10 years and is now one of the top private guides in the country. Byron enjoys birding, and has a keen sense for animal behaviour, is a fantastic photographer and loves sharing his knowledge with guests. There is always a great story and a good laugh when he is around!


Byron has been kind enough to share some of his incredible pictures with us. Here’s what he had to say about Tswalu where he has spent a great deal of his guiding career:

What is different about the habitat?

Byron: “Tswalu has an incredible different feeling to it. Beautiful semi-arid vegetation and an amazing mountain range that is just breathtaking. Imagine viewing wild lions with mountains and sand dunes with rich red colouration in the backdrop!”


What animals thrive there?

Byron: “Thriving wildlife includes most of the antelope species there, and many species that are different from those you see regularly in parts of the Kruger or Botswana. For example: Springbuck, Eland, Roan, Sable and of course the Gemsbok (an Iconic animal for the area) The wildlife is different and there is rich diversity.”


What are the most memorable sightings that await visitors?

Byron: “There is a great chance of seeing the illusive aardvark or pangolin and also the promise of amazing Kalahari black-maned lion and cheetah sightings.



Why should people choose the Kalahari?

Byron: “The Kalahari is a destination for the more seasoned safari goer, or perhaps first destination for people going on to the Greater Kruger or Botswana as it is a very unique experience.”


Thank you Byron for sharing your insights and exquisite pictures with us. For more on Tswalu click here.

One thought on “Up Close and Personal with Tswalu

  1. Hi Good folk of Tswalu

    Awesome Pictures !

    Having had the privilege of spending a few days and nights with Byron in the vicinity of Hamilton’s around February in the shadow of table mountain he certainly knows his wildlife and has got some big game knowledge. I give him 10 out of 10s !


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