Traveller Review – Atholl and Carol Robertson

Iconic Africa recently had the pleasure of welcoming Atholl and Carol Robertson to our beautiful continent.  We had a chat to them once they were back home to see how it went.  They had a wonderful trip and were even treated to a once-in-a-lifetime leopard and sable encounter which they kindly recounted for us below.


Tell us about the leopard and sable encounter?

Atholl: “Initially we saw a sable and its approximately week-old offspring walking alone, we then saw about 50 metres behind it a leopard slowly stalking. The mother saw the leopard and immediately made a lot of noise as both ran into thicker grass. Baby sable then hid in the grass whilst mother attempted to get the leopard to have a go at herself. The leopard showed no interest so the mother scampered away never to be seen again.The leopard then patrolled around looking for the baby sable but to no avail. After about 10 minutes patrolling the leopard climbed a tree and sat there looking out. After a while the baby sable stood up – not its best decision – down comes the leopard, slowly creeps to target pounces and kills. All within about 20 – 30 metres of us! We then closed in to witness the sad end which was a pity to watch but that is nature.”

What did you think of South Africa?

Atholl: “It is very striking, beautiful scenery, very friendly people and at no time did I feel unsafe. Great service at all venues and for us all services worked very efficiently.”


What was your favourite place?

Atholl: “Very hard in fact too hard sorry – oh all right… Londolozi!”


What was your most memorable moment?

Atholl: “ There were so many but I guess probably the sable kill closely followed by watching 3 male lions walk past our Landrover!


What did you think of the people?

Atholl: “Very friendly and thoughtful with great attention to detail.

Did you enjoy the food?

Atholl: “We were most impressed with the food in particular at Royal Chundu.”


What tips would you give future travellers?

Atholl: “Use Iconic Africa! Check the weather more carefully so you don’t lug around too many clothes.

Thank you Atholl and Carol for taking the time to chat to us! We are so glad that you had an awesome time and that you had such an unforgettable sighting. We hope to see you back on African soil again soon.

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