Iconic Africa Bush Diary Episode #5

We have a little Monday treat for you!

Presenting Iconic Africa Bush Diary Episode #5: “Waiting for the dry,” filmed by the brilliant James Hendry, in the exquisite Kruger National Park.Take just 4 minutes, turn your volume up and tune into the African bushveld to give your week the kick-start it needs.

This episode explores the Kruger National Park in late June, the very heart of winter. Watch as the sunbeams shine through the leaves, the butterflies drink the last nectar, the elephants play fight, the lions feed, the leopards mentor their cubs and the buffalo congregate at the waterhole.

We hope that that this time-out was worthwhile, that it made you smile and remember a happy time in Africa… as time spent in Africa is always happy!

Just in case you missed it, click here for Episode #4: “Winter is coming.”

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