Iconic Africa visits Marataba Trails Camp

Last month the Iconic Africa team was treated to an unforgettable weekend at Marataba Trails Camp in the Marakele National Park.


Something a little different… Marataba Trails Camp is perfect for the more adventurous safari goer. With only 5 luxurious eco-suites intrepid explorers are treated to unbelievable walking trails and complete “bush” immersion without compromising on the creature comforts.

Here is what our founder John had to say about his incredible stay at Marataba Trails Camp:

What makes Marataba Trails different?

John: “There are no game drives but rather lovely long game walks (6-7 hours). It isn’t for the average guest but it is an amazing way to escape from the world and experience 100% bush immersion. It isn’t like other safaris where you eat and drive and eat and drive… here you take part, you get out there and you experience the game on foot. You slow down to a natural rhythm, and take it all in one step at a time. You don’t see as much game as a regular safari but you have some incredible encounters. It really provides the ultimate relaxation combined with some exercise as you can walk between 10 – 15 kilometres per day.”


What unique experiences did you have?

John: “We walked into hippo on foot. In fact, we were about to have a swim in a mountain pool! We were taking off our shoes and about to step in when the guide saw a hippo in the pool. We literally nearly stepped on it and it got quite excited and rather revved up! We also then came across a black rhino on foot – another unbelievable encounter that you wouldn’t have from the comfort of a vehicle.”


What was your room like?

John: “The rooms are beautiful…perched on the mountain boasting panoramic views of the plains and the Waterberg mountain range. They are simple but very luxurious.” Marataba_7

Who would enjoy Marataba?

John: “It really is not your usual safari experience. If you love the outdoors and love immersing yourself in the bush then this is the perfect place for you. It is also malaria free so is great for kids.”


What is the idea behind the concept?

John: “This is the More family’s flagship lodge as they are very passionate about the bush and encouraging guests to experience full bush immersion. It is very close to their hearts and they have made sure it is a truly incredible experience.”


Tell us about what makes it a luxury destination?

John: “You have your own private chef producing 5 star food around the clock, your own guide and your own personal butler! Need I say more?”


Why did you enjoy it so much?

John: “You feel like you have your own piece of bush… in fact it would be my dream to have a 30th or 40th there and book out the entire place just for my family. It is the perfect spot to get away, to slow down, to have some peace and quiet and get back into nature’s rhythm.”


What does the average day look like?

John: You wake up to the sun coming up over the Waterberg… have a coffee and then go for a long walk with your guide. Then it is time for a delicious breakfast, a lovely snooze then maybe another walk before a sundowner at sunset. A mouth-watering dinner, some wine and finally a nightcap under a blanket of stars… the perfect day.”


How would you suggest guests fit this into an Africa itinerary?

John: “If you come to Africa with some time this is a nice break from your everyday photographic safari. It makes for a nice active add on, a different adventure. Why not go to Marataba Safari Lodge where you can see the Big Five and have the full safari experience and end it off with a few days of real bush immersion at Marataba trails.”


If this sounds like the kind of safari for you please do let us know and we will do our best to ensure you have the experience of a lifetime.




















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