Iconic Traveller Interview: Nicole Jones

Iconic Africa recently had the pleasure of welcoming Nicole Jones and a group of her friends to South Africa’s sunny shores. Nicole Jones is the owner of well-renowned Honesty Jewelry (a sought after jewellery line in the USA.) Nicole absolutely loved her visit to Cape Town, the Cape Winelands and Sabi Sands and was kind enough to share the highlights with us.

Click on the video below for a brief snapshot of Nicole’s amazing trip or read on to learn more about her incredible  African experience.

Where did you go on your trip?

Nicole: “Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Sabi Sands (Simbambili Game Lodge) for Safari.”

What was your favourite destination and why?

Nicole: “Don’t make me pick just one!!! I truly cannot choose. Cape Town had so much to offer and I really feel like I didn’t even scratch the surface. I definitely wanted more days there. The South African Wine Region of Stellenbosch was breath-taking. I have never seen such beauty. And the safari was hands down the most awe inspiring place I have ever experienced. I felt a peace there that I have never felt before even at the beach. It is impossible to describe in words. You don’t see Africa, YOU FEEL AFRICA!!!! I cried uncontrollably when I left. I don’t even know why because I am not a very emotional person in that way. I just felt like I left a piece of my heart there.”

What was your favourite accommodation?

Nicole: “Again both were such different experiences it is hard to choose. Cape Grace was wonderful with great accommodation and the staff were excellent. And Simbambili Game Lodge was unforgettable. The staff treated us like family.”

What was your most memorable moment?

Nicole: “My most memorable moment was having dinner at Ken Forrester’s home with his family & friends. That was a really memorable night. Everything about it was perfect. The food was the best that I had. Also, seeing the animals especially the leopard, elephants and lions were just unbelievable. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to witness the beauty of nature up close and first-hand. I will never forget our guide on safari, Liam Rainier. His enthusiasm was infectious and his knowledge of all the animals unparalleled.”

What did you think of the country as a whole?

Nicole: “It was more than I could have ever imagined. It is God’s country. Again, you don’t see Africa, you feel Africa.” 

What did you think of the people?

Nicole: “All of the people were extremely pleasant.”

Did you feel safe throughout your trip?

Nicole: “Yes!”

Did you like the cuisine?

Nicole: “I gained 8lbs so I think it’s safe to say that I LOVED the food. I told my group that a part of me wishes that I had never tasted the food there because it makes me not like the food we have here (in America). The food was so fresh and delicious. Not processed and full of chemicals.”

What tips would you give other travellers?

Nicole: “Plan more time than you think you would normally want to stay on a vacation because there is so much to take in and experience in Africa. You will be happy you had an extra few days. It was the best trip I have ever taken. Thank you Terri for making the arrangements for me to be able to join my group.”

Thank you Nicole for taking the time to chat to us about your trip. We hope to have you travel with us again soon. We look forward to taking you on yet another brilliant tailor-made, luxury African adventure. www.iconicafrica.com

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